You should know! It's The Final Race of Legendary K-Pop Group in Its Generation!

        source: kpopmapFrom before the 2000s to the present, there have been many emerging groups that adorn the entertainment world. Here's a great legendary K-pop group in his generation!

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Unlike the global music era that we know, the era of K-pop music is known as the generation. Each generation has different perceptions, but in outline, the generations are distinguished by the impact that a K-pop group has on its day.

Well, here's a group that has a big impact on K-pop music changes to be called the legendary K-pop group.
1 First Generation Legendary K-pop Group, Before Year 2000

Well, this is the generation who is instrumental in the revival of K-pop music today. In the 90s, K-pop groups should be able to sell physical albums just by appearing on TV or radio only. So hard for them to be known by the fan abroad.

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The K-pop groups that have had a major impact in this period are Shinhwa, H.O.T, S.E.S from the SM Entertainment agency, Seo Taiji and Boys who are members are the current CEO of YG Entertainment.
In addition there G.O.D originated from the agency SidusHQ, TURBO which one member is currently a member Running Man Kim Jong Kook.
2 Second Generation Legendary K-pop Group, Year 2001 to 2010

This second generation is the generation where K-pop music has started to be heard abroad. Where this period is referred to as the period of Hallyu Wave or Korean Wave is a term given to the spread of K-pop culture globally in various countries in the world.
In this period the K-pop groups made promotions through radio, music shows, reality shows and talk shows. It was not until 2005 that YouTube was first released, their music was easily listened to by international fans. Although not too broad because of the strength of social media is still weak but the second generation staying digadang as the door opener Hallyu Wave.
The second generation K-pop group is TVXQ, Super Junior, Shinee, SNSD from SM Entertainment, BIGBANG and 2NE1 from YG Entertainment, Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM coming from JYP Entertainment, CNBLUE from FNC Entertaiment and many more.
3Grup K-pop Legendary Third Generation, from 2010 to the present

Well, here comes a time when the fandom war is becoming known. Due to the development of existing technology, these third generations easily simply continue the achievements of first and second generation. Supported by the power of social media and the internet make this generation make international debut with ease.
In this generation, a lot of K-pop groups are starting to make their debut. However, some of the K-pop group names that are considered to have great impact are EXO, Red Velvet, NCT from SM Entertaiment, BTS from Big Hit Entertaiment, Winner, Icons and Blackpink from YG Entertainment, Twice, GOT7, Miss A from JYP Entertaiment.
In addition, various agencies appear to bring the name of Monsta X, Seventeen, BTOB, Sistar, Exid and many more.

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