When Ariel Tatum Pleased Disiulin Abang-Abang Genit

Ariel Tatum. Photo: Instagram jpnn.com – Ariel Tatum is known as an easy going and humorous figure. It is seen from his uploads on social media that often invite laughter. Like when he recently did a photoshoot on the roof of a building. Ariel uploaded the moment to Instagram Story. Wearing white clothing, Ariel looks sumringah while showing the location of the shooting located on top of a building. The open location also made the movie stars Ariel & Raja Langit, Oh Baby and Kawin Laris is not spared from the behavior of local residents. Not taken heart, Ariel even catapulted a joke, "Photos in rooftop disiul-siulin brothers whenever ya right." Not just this once, lover soccer player Ryuji Utomo is often made the followers laugh. In fact he had menjahili the mother by making the water color of his art to look like bloody. "Red spinach juice, dragon fruit, and beetroot are the same stance to make the trap of mercy-I-just-piss-bleeding and it will make your mother surprised, my mother always surprised when I do that," Ariel writes. (their peoples) Source: RMOL.co

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