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Fresh solutions from brands and agencies to promote a variety of products Corn-teenager, reindeer breeders of Yakutia, the Mongolian khan, unknown talents of famous personalities and, of course, several pre-New Year campaigns – that's what appeared on the the Russian market in recent times. Corn, youth and adventures from Bonduelle The creative team of the agency SLAVA has tried to create a fantastic world for Bonduelle with bright characters, whose relationships will be interesting to the viewer. This is a kind of mini-series with great potential for the development and creation of new "series". The main character of the video is Young Corn, a typical teenager with youthful maximalism. For him to spend the evening in a salad with parents – such a prospect. So he leaves the parental home to find culinary adventures on his head. This approach dictates a new visual style of communication. Instead of the endless fields of ripe corn, we show interesting characters and focus on history. "The new video turned out bright and memorable, thanks to nice characters and good family humor. The cartoon style of communication is an integral part of the Bonduelle brand, recognizable and beloved. In an easy and casual way, we are announcing the appearance of Young Maize, offering to try it straight from the can, for only in this way is it possible to understand the difference in taste, "says Anna Lebedeva, Marketing Manager Bonduelle EurAsia Markets. Northern Lights and "Corners of Russia" of "Dobry" juice. The "Dobry" brand together with Cheil Russia launched an unusual TV commercial during the advertising campaign of the "Good Corners of Russia" line of flavors. According to the plot, the action takes place in the Yakut settlement of reindeer herders, in the present plague. Mom pours the juice "Dobry" from a new taste line, telling the story that grenades grow in the south, in distant Dagestan, on trees with "branches like deer antlers." The boy in his fantasies immediately presents a magical tree with the usual form of deer horns, covered with greens and fruits. The child is so fond of this unusual taste that he immediately rushes to the neighboring tent to share it with his familiar girl. The filming involved ethnic Yakuts and real mothers with her son, which adds a roller of naturalness and truthfulness. The Mongolian khan and the modern businessman in the video from WebMoney The WebMoney Transfer system introduced a new video "Build your empire with WebMoney" – a mystical story about money and power. The action takes place in the Mongol Empire, where the majestic khan accepts offerings. One of the donors makes a money transfer using a WebMoney solution, scans the QR code from the Khan's book. Then the viewer is transferred to one of the towers "Moscow City", where entrepreneurs have just concluded a successful transaction, fixing it with a money transfer with instant transfer of funds. When shooting the historical part, it was very important that each frame reflected the spirit of the times. The film crew had to look for the necessary costumes and requisites in different shops in Moscow, and also to negotiate a lease with the owners of antique interior items. Feel the atmosphere helps and author's music, written specifically for the video. The project is implemented in conjunction with the Eclectic Sun Productions team. The "Bakhetle" supermarket chain presented Muscovites with a delicious image video. The "Bahetle" network is famous for its variety of Tatar pastries, noodles, ravioli and handmade dumplings, a wide range of ready-made culinary specialties. When creating an advertising campaign, the supermarket was based on its actual positioning with an emphasis on its own production. The festive table is covered with national dishes cooked directly in the supermarket. At the same time traditional hand-made cooking technology is combined with restaurant design and attentive attitude to the smallest details. The video introduces us to important elements for the company in work. Each detail is filled with a special meaning: a warm color scheme – a link to the national hot baked goods; the European process of preparing ready-made culinary dishes – the connection with the "high" cuisine; the union of sellers and cooks – freshness of dishes prepared "here and now"; table with an abundance of national dishes – home cooking, hospitality and hospitality New Year's catalog "Confael" For the long history of the chocolate factory for the production of gifts and sweets, advertising has never been launched. This year, the brand decided to release a pre-New Year's advertising catalog of chocolates and gifts. For this task, the young production agency ATELIER, specializing in reportage and commercials, took up the task. The video tells the story of a girl who did not manage to buy gifts to relatives, friends and the boss, and outside the window already on December 31. To help her comes New Year's catalog "Confael", which becomes her New Year miracle. The audience of the brand is predominantly b2b, but the video should have covered b2c, working for recognition. A chain of congratulations from Alpen Gold Each of us is surrounded by many people with whom I want to share the New Year mood. Feel like a real Santa and give your friends and acquaintances joy will be by participating in the Alpen Gold action "To whom will you pass the New Year mood?", Creating your congratulations chain or joining a friend's chain. His "chain of congratulations" was built and the heroes of the New Year's commercial of Alpen Gold. At the heart of his story is a beautiful Christmas story, telling that you can give joy to anyone and make it very easy. New Year's advertising campaign Mail Bank The idea of ​​a new advertising campaign Bank's Mail was developed by the creative agency Instinct. The campaign was to talk about the benefits of a new deposit to the Post Bank and an increased rate for retirees. Everyone who opened a deposit in the bank did a great job for the benefit of his family, and for this he can forgive any minor oversights. Post Bank provides an example of how to do this. Igor Chapurin and Peter Aksenov reveal talents in Rémy Martin films In 2017 designer Igor Chapurin and jeweler Pyotr Aksenov will continue the international campaign One Life / Live Them and help the millenials rethink their talents in a series of mini-films. Until quite recently, the professional path was determined for life, leaving only the hobby for all the remaining undiscovered talents of a person. Improved cult design XO cognac house Rémy Martin brings together the new heroes in the generation of "slashers" – tireless and talented people who manage to live several lives in one. This year to the constellation of heroes Rémy Martin joined Peter Aksenov and Igor Chapurin. Aksenov and Chapurin, who will present their previously unknown talents.

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