Through New Single, Ramengvrl Achieves Achievements In Southeast Asia

Lately, the Indonesian hip hop scene is overwhelmed by the presence of Ramengvrl. Yep, she is a talented female rapper who is stealing the attention of the Indonesian music industry, especially in the local hip-hop scene.
The music offered by Ramengvrl itself began to be known and heard by local music lovers in 2016. Through the single I'm Da Man in 2016, it did not take long for Ramengvrl to skyrocket and amaze the ears of music lovers.
Ramengvrl started his career in 2013, when he was just a girl who likes to play with words and poetry. Ramengvrl did not really like Hip Hop music, only when he listened to Kanye West, he got interested in Hip Hop and started putting his poems into music and uploading them to Soundcloud, and the rest is history.
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Now, Ramengvrl is back with his new single titled Go! (I Can Be Your) which was released Friday, December 1, 2017 yesterday. The single is a collaboration of Ramengvrl with Jarreau Vandal, a DJ / Producer from Amsterdam.
Collaboration Ramengvrl and Jarreau Vandal actually began when Jarreau came to Indonesia a few months ago, they got acquainted and had the same idea to make a work together. Go! (I Can Be Your) is not just an ordinary love song, but about someone who likes other people and willing to do anything for the sake of his partner.
Ramengvrl and his new single Go! (I Can Be Your) supported by Apple Music. Ramengvrl was selected to be the 'New Artist Spotlight South East Asia' at Apple Music during December 2017. A pride for Ramengvrl became a young Indonesian musician who trusted Apple Music to fill that position
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