The Student Becomes a Baby Warder in Tulungagung, School Gives Pardon

             Latest Interest Info – This is the current hot news, which is about the Disciple Become a Baby Warder in Tulungagung, School Give Me Ampun | TULUNGAGUNG – KN (17) girl who threw the baby resulted from sex with his girlfriend is a student at SMAN 1 Boyolangu, Tulungagung.
Although assessed to smear a good name as, but SMAN 1 Boyolangu ensure, no sanctions for KN.
"The school is trying to keep trying the best for the student," said Wakasek Student of SMAN 1 Boyolangu, Mu'arif.
Mu'arif continued, KN is still a child and has the right to remain educated.
The school will accept if KN intends to continue education at one of these favorite schools.
Student Wakasek SMAN 1 Boyolangu, Mu'arif. ( yohanes) (Read: Couple Student Dispenser Result of Dark Relationship in Tulungagung Police Dredged)
But on the other hand Mu'arif also claimed to be cheated. In the midst of educational efforts that form the character, there are actually students involved free association.
"What is certain is that it takes time to recover the condition. We also communicate with the family, to ensure mental, "explained Mu'arif.
While SMAN 1 Kedungwaru still has not taken the attitude, related to his students, RZ (17), father of the disposed.
According Wakasek Public Relations, SMAN 1 Kedungwaru, Mardiyani, it is still waiting for the legal process in the police.
"We've kroscek to the concerned. Furthermore we are still waiting for the law enforcement process, "explained Mardiyani.
Monday (4/12/2017) afternoon, Bangoan Village residents, District Kedungwaru surprised by the discovery of a baby girl who is still complete with ari-ari.
The red baby was just plastered in the fish pond drain. This unfortunate baby found a pool worker, who heard her cry.
A day later, on Tuesday (5/12/2017) police arrested two students, KN ​​(17) and RZ (17).
The police immediately took them to the location of the baby's discovery. Now the legal process of both is still running.

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