The shift towards the Frente Amplio of the PC and the loss of power of Guillermo Teillier

                                                                                                            They are moved times for the Communist Party, the results obtained in the first presidential round left beaten to its hardest core, represented by the sector of Guillermo Teillier. The deputy, Karol Cariola and the general secretary of the PC, Juan Andres Lagos, left the front line of the command of Alejandro Guillier, but this did not mean the exit of communism, although the strengthening of the "more social" group of the PC. The main role, in the territorial team, was assumed by the deputy Camila Vallejo, the former rector Roxana Pey and the mayor Daniel Jadue, a group of leaders who are not strictly from the Teillier cell.
One of the main reasons for including these leaders lies in the fact that the names of Vallejo, Pey and Jadue are more than pleasant for the front, "there are more neighborhoods than with the Teillier sector," they say from the FA. It is worth remembering that practically all of the student leaders in the Frente Amplio squared with support for Roxana Pey, when she was removed from her position at the University of Aysén. And the deputy Camila Vallejo has always been seen "with better eyes" from this sector, "closer to the social movement and more open to change and dialogue," they say from the FA.
On the other hand, Mayor Daniel Jadue is also well regarded by this sector, moreover, many AF leaders remember him with affection and have saluted his initiatives at the municipal level, which is why his critique of the Frente Amplio attracted much attention. before the first round, impasse that was "more than overcome". So much so, that it is the same mayor who has held several bilateral meetings with leaders of the front-empire. Without going any further, he joined the afternoon of Wednesday with the deputy of Democratic Revolution, Jorge Brito. The objective would be to build bridges, depending on their role in territorial work in the second round, but also with a "more long-term" point of view.
Mayor Jadue explains that this dialogue – within the framework of the second round – is transversal, including the voter of the Christian Democrats. Regarding the Frente Amplio, he clarifies that "we are permanently in talks with them, because we understand that we have many more convergences than divergences", which would be focused on the time and speed of the reforms, but not on their horizon. "I have no doubt that with the Broad Front, and its organizations that even go beyond the conglomerate, with the Communist Party, the New Majority and sectors of the Christian Democracy, we have an essential convergence," he explains.
Building bridges
This connection with the world of the left comes from before the turn towards the conformation of the New Majority, which the Communist Party gave more than five years ago. The PC subscribes to this project in order to sharpen the contradictions with the more concertationist nucleus, and in order to help open a cycle of reforms that cement structural changes in the country.

Do not forget the role they played in the student movement of 2011. The spokesman for the current deputies, Camila Vallejo and Giorgio Jackson were determinants for the student revolution, they recognize from the PC, although they add that the strengthening of the forces of the so-called " Without Fech ", among them the then unified Autonomous Left, marked a later division within the Student Movement. "Currently these ties are being rediscovered," they say from the PC. Proof of that would be the deployment made by the Communist Youth, with part of the Confech, last Monday. In the front of the Central House of the PUC, and in the University of Chile, they displayed a canvas that read "all against Piñera".
Play that was seen as "a clear signal" in favor of the candidate Guillier, days before the front announced his questioned position before the second round. Line of the FA that was openly criticized by the New Majority, not so by the communist leaders. The deputy Camila Vallejo, greeted the resolution of the FA, like Karol Cariola, in the Zero Tolerance program, which was well received by the leadership of the new force.
Although this deployment, together with Confech leaders, led by the now former president of the Fech, Daniel Andrade (UNE), was not seen with much joy by the leadership that will command the Confederation of Students during 2018. They assure that it was a clear "sign of support for Guillier", but they understand the independence of the student organization from the definitions of the FA.
Also during the past week, in the Torres Confectionery, under the Palacio de La Moneda, a meeting between members of the command of Alejandro Guillier and representatives of the organization "Marca tu Voto" was finalized, to build bridges between the group in favor of writing a new Political Constitution based on a Constituent Assembly and the representatives of the candidate who will face Sebastián Piñera.
The meeting, organized by the former president of the Journalists' Association and candidate for PC deputy Javiera Olivares, was attended on behalf of the commando, the senator elect PS, Álvaro Elizalde, the constitutionalist lawyer Fernando Atria, as well as Olivares. On behalf of Marca Tu Voto, the actress Fernanda García, Manuel Lobos, a militant of the Democratic Revolution and the lawyer Luis Mariano Rendón, among others, attended.
It is within the framework of this meeting that the guillierismo brought out one of its main bets, the new process for the constitutional change committed by the ruling candidate. Among the points of agreement was to reaffirm the will to establish a specific mechanism to discuss the contents of a new Constitution, which includes the participation of citizen organizations in a proportional manner, which was described as a Constituent Assembly in practice.
Another deployment of the PC during the past week, which included members of the FA, was the delivery of a letter to the National Director of the Electoral Service demanding that the cost of the CEP and Adimark surveys be included as campaign expenses of Sebastián Piñera. The President of the Communist Youth, Camilo Sánchez, attended the Servel, together with the General Secretary of the Libertarian Left and deputy of the Frente Amplio, Gael Yeomans.
Moreover, in the official statement of the activity, sent by the Communist Party, it was emphasized that the event "is configured as a new milestone of rapprochement between forces of the FA and the NM for the second round; along with the statement of more than 130 former and current student leaders of both forces calling to defeat Sebastián Piñera in the second round ".
A bet of the PC that was trasquilada during the past week was the meeting with the Movement No + AFP, encounter that had been requested by the bench of RD during the last week, an appointment that would have been propitiated by Javiera Parada.
Its main leader Luis Messina, said after the meeting that "just as he – Alejandro Guillier – can not assure that he will end the AFPs, we do not guarantee the vote." He added, "Guillier uses a phrase that is very bombastic that means finishing with the AFP monopoly, but that does not mean at all to change the fundamental essentials on which this system operates ".
The turn to the left
According to the mayor, Daniel Jadue, the horizons of the New Majority, including the DC, the Frente Amplio and the forces of the left beyond the FA, have the same goal. "When you ask if we want to have a more supportive country, structurally, that Chile is institutionally supportive or the convergences we have regarding the redistribution of wealth or the fight against social inequalities, this brings together a large sector to the left, but that clearly is not close to seeing how "good" the candidate of the right will win, "says the mayor.
It also ensures that the alliance between the Frente Amplio and the most progressive sectors of the New Majority, will begin to operate "since March, when Alejandro Guillier takes the reins of our country and when, to get our program we have to look at the partners of the Broad Front and dialogue with them to achieve their votes ", discarding outright any rapprochement with the right, to achieve majorities. "I do not think we are going to seek votes from the same sectors that have tried to destroy our project, destroy the people who lead it, and therefore, the compañeros of the Frente Amplio are our natural allies."
One of the points that has marked both the outcome of the Broad Front, and this series of approaches is the possibility of readjusting the compass of the Communist Party, without abandoning the thesis of the creation of the New Majority. Many see in the position of the DC, especially the most conservative sector and even in the words of Mariana Aylwin, a kind of "task accomplished", which could make possible their turn more "to the left", or make these transitory bridges stronger bridges between these sectors.
A thesis that could have a foothold in the Frente Amplio, although Mayor Jadue emphasizes that "if the New Majority had not made some of the changes it made, thanks to this alliance policy, the Broad Front would not be enjoying that that so much we dreamed the communists, that during twenty years we bet ".



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