The original 10 percent decline in emissions by 2020

"The decline in emissions is 10 percent initially until 2020. But it is now adjusted to 2030 with the amount still in the study phase," said Head of Working Group on Greenhouse Gas Action Plan (RAD-GRK) Sumsel Hadenli Ugihan, Wednesday (6/12).

Based on Prediction Business as Usual (BAU) data, by 2020 if no mitigation action shows the field of land still occupies the largest share of GHG emissions of 98.05 percent. The energy and waste-based fields contributed 1.84 percent and 0.1 percent, respectively.

Therefore, RAD-GRK's efforts to reduce emissions must continue as a benchmark for government performance. Handeli also requested the involvement of all parties such as community organizations, private and other stakeholders. So this plan runs smoothly to achieve the target. "This plan will be sanctioned and become a regional policy," Handeli said.
So far, several efforts have been made by the Provincial Government of South Sumatra, such as pressing the fire point up to 90 percent in 2016 and successfully maintained until 2017. He hopes this effort continues to be done so as to suppress other disasters. "Hopefully, the emission reduction target can be achieved, even exceeding the target in 2030," Handeli concluded.

(lim / JPC)

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