the "millenials" continue to shake up the travel habits

"Millennials" is one of the most resonant words in Las Vegas, where the Expedia firm brings together, on December 6 and 7, 2017, nearly 4,000 travel professionals from around the world for its Partner Conference.
The so-called "millennial generation" marks again this year the data published by Expedia during its conference cycles.
Thus, according to a study conducted by Northstar Research Partner and revealed by Expedia Media Solutions on Wednesday, December 6, millennials are, if we compare with the next generation and previous, those who have traveled the most in 2017.
Stays more numerous but also less long, on average, than those of their elders. All while giving less importance to the budget than other generations. "Emotions, more than dollars, drive their travel decisions," said Olson Killion, senior director at Expedia Media Solutions.
It is thus the young Americans and Chinese who would travel the most on the planet, each accumulating 35 days of travel each year, when the young British would spend only 21 days a year on the trip.

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