The Krypton series is revealed through a new teaser

The Krypton series of the Syfy channel, which we have been talking about for a few years now, presents itself today through a new video teaser.Superman in the new teaser of the series Krypton Even if it only lasts about ten seconds, this new teaser reveals new images of the interiors and exteriors of the series. What is obviously striking is the presence of what could be Superman given that we can see the emblematic red cape of the character, where appears the coat of arms of the house El. Although this is a possibility given that we we know that the series will be connected to the present of the man of steel, it could just as well be the cloak of one of the ancestors of Kal-El, and especially his grandfather, Seg-El. Indeed, the seal of the house El is rather rudimentary and has nothing to do with the one that usually adorns the cape Superman.The series is still scheduled to arrive next year, but no specific date n has been arrested again.

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