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            In Nîmes, we are looking for a cook or a snack cook in CDI. In a hotspot, you will prepare oriental pizzas and cakes. You will also provide the supply. 35 hours of work per week. 6 months of experience required in cooking pizza over a wood fire. Hourly wage 15 euros.
Job center offer 064HKSH.

In Montpellier, a position of accounting manager proposed in CDI. 5 years of experience required. Bac level plus 5 or equivalent in financial management. Weekly working time, 35 hours. Annual salary, 33,000 euros.
Job center offer 064HSBG.

In Narbonne, we are looking for a refrigeration and air conditioning technician or technician. . You will practice in an after-sales service. You must have the Certificate of Fitness Category 1 Refrigerants. Plumbing and electricity knowledge desired. Beginners are accepted. 35 hours of work per week. Monthly salary, 1.544 euros.
Job center offer 064GRVG.

In the Hérault, a bakery being set up in Ganges offers 14 positions, bakers, salesmen, department manager, store manager and deputy. All contact details and details on, job section.
Job center offers
063BHQT – Assistant Store Manager063BHLM – Baker 063BHFD – Bakery Worker063BGNJ – Bakery Worker CDD063BGZX – Warehouse Manager063BFBC – Chef (fe) baker 063BDVX – Chef (fe) rayon bakery063BDHJ – Seller (s) in bakery063BDMF – Seller in bakery CDD

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