The host waits for her third child!

                    On September 20th, Anne-Gaëlle Riccio announced that she was pregnant with her third child on her Instagram account.

"Well, that's why I've been quiet lately: Baby 3, on the way! It's off again," the TV host, 39, had enthusiastically revealed (already mother of Thais, 9, and Sacha, 6). years) in legend of a photo of her – in Harcourt studio mode – with slightly rounded belly.
A month later, on October 28, 2017, the columnist of Everyone has a say on France 2 bloomed with her husband Nicolas seized again his Instagram account to talk about her pregnancy … and her supposed bad luck. "Long live the hormones! Beautiful hair, beautiful skin, beautiful nails for 9 months? … I do not know, obviously I was forgotten on this one, thank you for not sending me messages of consolation it's even worse, "she said, her belly more and more round.
Of course, the subscribers of the pretty host were many to cheer her up and reassure her. "But what are you saying, nature has spoiled you", "The picture is very beautiful !! I say that, I say nothing", "Even if you do not want to be comforted, you are a beautiful woman and we love you ", could be read among the first reactions.
Congratulations Anne-Gaëlle!

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