Still skinny but radiant at the arm of his beloved

                    While his career is almost nonexistent but that does not matter, Tara Reid radiates. The American actress, now 42 years old, is a woman in love and that is worth all the roles of the world.

For several months, the former star of American Pie spins the perfect love with Ted Dhanik, a young entrepreneur specializing in new technologies. If she does not really feel the movie sets, Tara Reid is however very fond of the outings with her lover and so could be seen at his side several times, under the sun of Los Angeles. The couple, who seems very enamored, was spotted walking hand-in-hand on December 3, in the streets of the West Hollywood neighborhood, with his dogs. The young woman, who recently denied the rumors of anorexia, still appeared as skinny but in a very good mood. The same evening, the lovers offered themselves an evening at the cinema and posed gaily for the paparazzi.
Career side, Tara Reid played this year in the TV movie Sharknado 5: Global Swarming.
Thomas Montet

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