Spiritual Sanctification For The Ranks of State Apparatus

        Mahdaen.TV News – In order to improve faith and devotion to Allah SWT in conducting pengajian in Pendopo Kabupaten wonosobo attended by TNI POLRI and Wonosobo SKPD in attendance of approximately 200 representative personnel from each agency. (7/12)
Before the recitation begins, read yasin letters together read the asthma ulhusna led by members of the police station wonosobo, and then proceed the speaker kyai Haji Haris Suharto lc of wonosobo.

In the explanation kyai reveal about the origin of man in creation, Man created from the water of contempt then of what the arrogant by the man in front of God. In the present time manuasia no longer cares what is commanded by God so that people often forget or neglect in carrying out their obligations. A small example of the call to prayer we often ignore because of the busyness we experience the word kyai Haris Suharto LC.
He gave his direction to all those present that the man would be destroyed by three things: TAHTA, TREASURE and WOMEN. Therefore, at this time we should not fall asleep or get mired in that case. For those who are currently tempted then immediately repent, lest we will regret in the future.
Often people commit the sin of both big and small sins, but we are often unaware of this assuming that we do ordinary things. Hopefully a little advice kyai be a reminder for those present in pengajian, and make humans more Taqwa to Allah SWT.
Then the Vice Regent of Wonosobo added appreciation to the TNI Police because there were so many that the Vice Regent ordered his jajaranya to be maximized again in the next event following the delivery of the Vice Regent Wonosobo Ir Agus Subagyo, MSi.

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