"Selectour has never been so rich!"

TourMaG.com – Laurent Abitbol, ​​how is this congress presented, the second under your presidency?
Laurent Abitbol: We are full: 540 people, plus a hotel room and we had to refuse the world.
TourMaG.com – What are the main topics that will be covered during this event? Many are particularly worried about the new references …

L.A: No, it's not on the agenda, the specifications are not even fully established. I will outline it, to reassure, but we are not there yet. It will be established in February 2018, we will start in March for operations in 2019. But we will talk about it …
Everyone needs to get rich, including TOs like us. That we are reassured, all SEO will go through the GIE. There will be no differentiation.
All referencing will go through Selectour, one and indivisible. Given the success of the GIE on the business side, it is certain that we will extend it to the Tourism part.
TourMaG.com – So let's go back to the main themes of this congress …
L.A .: Three main topics on the agenda: Air France and its new provisions on GDS. Patrick Alexandre (Air France-KLM sales and alliance general manager, editorial) will be there and we will have a debate between him and me. Respectful, constructive!
But, rest assured, we work in silence and we should conclude quickly. They are good people at Air France!
Afterwards, and I'm very keen on it, there will be a debate between the members themselves. The congress is a moment of fraternity, punctuated by convivial and friendly moments. There will be Enrico (Macias, ed), there will be some surprises that I do not want to reveal now.
There will also be some quality interventions, especially from Jean-François Rial, boss of Voyageurs du Monde … I really want to tell people that the travel agency is fashionable and it is even more obvious in this regard. moment !
And then, of course, the intervention of Nicolas Sarkozy: it's a great moment, whether we like it or not. We like or do not like, but this is the first time that Selectour welcomes a former President of the French Republic. And it is a first for him too, because it is the first conference where he intervenes in France. And that one does not come and tell me that it is expensive for Selectour: it's 5 000 € all included!
TourMaG.com – Yes, finally, fortunately there is a sponsor to pay the supplement …
L.A .: It's not a sponsor! And the figures mentioned are very far from the sums advanced. But it's not a tourism business.

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