Same Budget, Indonesia's Education Lost Far from Vietnam

        Mahdaen.TV News – Finance Minister Sri Mulyani complained about the condition of education in Indonesia which is still ranked 68th among the countries in the world. This is inversely proportional to Vietnam which is ranked eighth.
"Indonesia spends 20 percent of the State Budget (APBN) for education, just like Vietnam. But the result is very different, "said Sri Mulyani, Monday (4/12).
Nevertheless, Sri Mulyani continued, the amount of funds is actually not the main case in fostering the quality of education in a country. Rather, how to spend these funds.

"Indonesia in this case has discussed with the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud)," said Sri Mulyani.
According to him, the government will fix the education system in districts, cities and provinces. For example, the government reassures teachers about the quality of teaching in these areas.
"The amount is sufficient in total, but the distribution and qualifications are lacking. This is a challenge for Indonesia, "he explained.
Not only teachers, but the quality of the established curriculum system is also important to study. Thus, the government still needs to fix the use of education budget. "It is also important to improve the role and quality of the middle class," he added.
Discusses the middle class, he explained, the middle class in 2016 actually has increased to 21 percent from the position of 14 years ago which is still seven percent.
According to him, people who enter the middle class are those who spend around Rp500 thousand to Rp2 million per day. However, Sri Mulyani argues, the middle class is still not strong enough and still vulnerable shaken by economic conditions.
"Efforts to reduce poverty depend on the middle class, they can create jobs, so the middle class can be a driver of economic growth in the future," said Sri Mulyani.
Furthermore, Sri Mulyani said, the challenge to grow the middle class today is one of them comes from the development of information technology. The reason, it can remove employment for the community.
"For example, job description used to exist as a vehicle to move from poverty," said Sri Mulyani.

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