Sahrul Gunawan Will Umrah And Pray For Jodoh

Actor and presenter Sahrul Gunawan intends to close the year 2017 by performing umrah worship. In the holy land later, Sahrul Gunawan will pray to be brought closer to his soul mate.
Sahrul Gunawan is not long ago. But he feels that life without a companion is very boring. He also wanted to be reunited with his soul mate and back across the ark of the household together.
"I expect the spouse is definitely. Want dipaman-conveniently own, it feels better if there is someone who can support, which can strengthen, "said Sahrul Gunawan who was married to Indriani Hadi, quoted by Kompas (6/12).
If Sahrul's intention is accomplished, then this is not the first time the soap star of 'Jin & Jun' is a new year in Mecca. He said if at the end of the year like this, the weather in Mecca is very cold and it is very supportive for him to be more solemn in worship.
"It feels if there is a different, closer. The end of the year there is cool, it feels warm inward. I want to accompany a large group of pilgrims. Since the holiday new year is a lot, I prefer to get there. I had a turn of the year in the Holy Land, different taste, "he explained.
Sahrul Gunawan almost married a girl named Amanda Restiani. But the wedding plans failed for no apparent reason.

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