Review Express VO – Rebirth Week # 79

Scenario: Tony Patrick, Scott Snyder, Aaron Gillespie, Al Letson, Owl Goingback, Proctor & Hareel, Davd Accampo Drawings: Minkyu Jung, Lynne Yoshii, Siya Oum, Matt Merhoff, Lalit Sharma , Sam Lotfi, Ibrahim MoustafaWhat surprises surprises young talents this year? Few things unfortunately, since it will be enough to surf on Scott Snyder's direction and on the characters who sell. We see Harley Quinn as a guest on the left, a perfect reference, very subtle to Snyder's Batman # 1, while the latter will sign a story of Wonder Woman that confirms a very important thing. No, it is better not to see him one day arrive on the character. The whole of the works are very clumsy on the planaristic plan, the same on the layout. I will be told that these are young talents, but compared to last year, the disappointment is very great. Fans of fan-service will be served, but pay $ 10 for a number that includes only one story or two drinkable, it remains expensive paid. Everything is clumsy but some good ideas come out, like bringing back the duel between Red Hood and the Bat-Family, a Doctor Fate with strange stories, a Poison Ivy looking like a comic book heroine for adults. If last year, DC had enough to brag about its young talents (missing since), this year is puzzling as to the new artists of the house.

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