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Raisa Hide Pregnancy?
Indowarta.com – Raisa's beautiful singer is rumored to be currently carrying her first child from her wedding with handsome actor Hamish Daud. The existence of this news was as it has been disclosed if one instagram account gossip @ lambe_turah.
In the photo post account instagram Lambe Turah it appears Hamish Daud who caught was in Obgyn clinic, Jakarta. Reportedly, the woman who is familiarly called Yaya is checking the kandunganya who had two months of age.

But the happy news seems to be hidden by Yaya and Hamish. Regarding the age of the singer of the song is exemplary as the exemplary has been revealed by the account instagram @ henhensugi.

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Instagram account is getting information from relatives Raisa if the current content of the singer has entered two months. "It's true @ lambe_turah if Raisa again ngisi, 2 months I am in love with her brother's brother," he wrote.
Copyright © Instagram It is not clear what the account meant by the account of the pregnancy of Hamish Daud's wife. "Yuhuuu Minceu not accidentally one clinic same babang hamis in cipete. Unccch maybe babang lagi tungguin Mba yaya check up in obgyn yess. In waiting for her happy news bang, "wrote @ lambe_turah, Thursday (7/12/2017).
Meanwhile, some netter also responded to various postings about this account instagram gossip. of the many comments netter, a few neter fuss about the true news or not Raisa contains.
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Most of them even discuss about the clinic where 'check up' Raisa until the word 'hamidun' which sparked the debate.
"Well in sosclinic ya, min kyk it tmp general doctor deh." Said netter.
"Tu kan at the clinic SOS cipete ,, but kalo hamidun therein min min @ lambe_turah." Add another.
"Maybe belom pregnant but lgi want pregnant program ??? Is that hamidun ngerti mean ngerti ga hell? (emoji) ga maybe hamidun lah wong diligent ngegym smpe weightlifting. "Connect the other.
"One of the same focus discussed 'hamidun'. What is Hamidun. Hamidun stands for. What Dun. Hamidun was pregnant first. HELAW hahahaha you live where the hata hamidun gatau "Another chorus. Well! Let's wait for the good news from Raisa and Hamish ya guys!

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