our gift ideas for a connected home

You probably have people around you who swear by home automation. They have motorized blinds for more than twenty years and never miss a technological novelty … It will have to find something for Christmas.Your friends are at the forefront of technology and their house looks like that of a secret agent? Of course, they are well equipped, but do not worry, whether it's a Wi-Fi video doorbell or a connected mini-kitchen garden, you will see that there is still something to please them .Philips starter kit Hue bulbs (200 €) At the base of any connected home is a perfectly adjustable lighting and this is precisely the promise of Philips Hue bulbs. Successful design, efficient design, these bulbs are managed from consoles sold separately or from a very well thought Android / iOS application. We can of course adjust the light intensity, but also the color among 16 million! It is then possible to create very different atmospheres and to control its lighting from almost anywhere. Of course, if your Internet connection is down, it is still possible to use these bulbs normally from a switch. Belkin home automation switch WeMo (50 €) Belkin WeMo home automation switch is an essential gadget for any home connected. It plugs into an electrical outlet and then, to turn on or off any device that is connected. This can be done at a distance of course thanks to the 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection of your tablet, your smartphone. An application (WeMo) imagined by Belkin comes to take all this in charge and the use of this accessory is childlike simplicity. Do not be afraid to leave a device on when you go … check it out on your smartphone Ring Video Doorbell with Wi-Fi (200 €) The ideal complement to a classic doorbell, Ring Video Doorbell is a small Wi-Fi module -Fi with a camera that is fixed at the entrance of his house (connected). It then acts as videophone, but also evolved since it returns – via Wi-Fi so – the image recorded to your smartphone. The control can be done even at a distance and the solution Ring adds a "security" side of the home that is not displeasing us.Logitech Harmony Elite remote (300 €) Essential reference of the world of remote control, the Harmony Elite is simply the best of its kind. Compatible with more than 270,000 devices, it not only controls TV, but can also support an audio / video amplifier, lights, smart thermostats … It is able to simultaneously control up to 15 of these devices , but its grip is a breeze: only the configuration part is a little more delicate. The Harmony Elite is beautiful, well designed and can even interface with your smartphone or tablet for even more comfort.HoneyGuardian, the Wi-Fi feeder (160 €) The HoneyGuardian Wi-Fi feeder is the essential complement Whistle 3. If it tracks your pet's activity, HoneyGuardian allows you to adjust your diet. Whether you are at home or on vacation for 15 days, the feeder is able to dispense portions of which you have determined the amount at intervals set by you. Of course, the Wi-Fi features allow both remote control and feedback directly on your smartphone. Nearly 6kg of food can be stored in order to be quiet a long time.Lilo, the kitchen garden connected (100 €) If everyone does not necessarily have a green thumb, it does not mean that you have to make a cross on a small garden of your own and in the case of a connected house, the solution passes through this product imagined by Lilo. The whole garden is managed very precisely, perfectly calibrated pots are delivered, automatic LED lighting is integrated and it is possible to control the intensity directly from your smartphone … For the rest, there is almost nothing to do: watering is done twice a month and an ingenious float system makes it possible to remember. Then just pick and eat! IRobot Roomba 650 (350 €) What would a connected house be without its robot vacuum cleaner? Roomba is undoubtedly one of the world leaders in the field. His Roomba 650 is often presented as THE reference and his reputation is not usurped. The suction is more than adequate, but it is especially in its ability to sneak around that Roomba impresses. Its low height allows it to go under many pieces of furniture while its sensors detect impeccably all obstacles, stairs and other edges. He works alone without being necessarily at home and only has real problems with the carpets.Moulinex intelligent multi-cooker Cookeo (250 €) The Cookeo robot is what we call a smart multi-cooker. In other words a device capable of spinning a real hand to all those who are not necessarily very comfortable in the kitchen … while saving a lot of time to others. Equipped with a tray of 6 liters, it allows to realize dishes for a maximum of six people, but it is especially its interface entirely tactile, its cookbook (150 base) and its USB port which allows updates regular days that seduced us. The preparations are displayed step by step to miss nothing and the six cooking modes allow a nice variety. An expensive product, but with an excellent reputation.Nest Protect smoke detector Wi-Fi (120 €) In the small world of smoke detectors, there are the simple products that scream as soon as they perceive the slightest volute suspicious and there is Nest Protect. The so-called 2nd generation detector is, like many others, able to detect smoke and carbon monoxide, but its connected interface makes it possible to do it remotely, from its mobile for example. As soon as a danger is detected, the device can send a notification or a sound signal and from the mobile, it is possible to turn off the alarm to avoid a false alarm if, for example, we know that we will trigger a big smoke in a very punctual way. Smart sensors … or not too stupid, it changes your life!

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