Ombudsman Value of Public Service of North Sulawesi Province Entered Red Card

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Report of Tribune Manado Reporter Ryo Noor
TRIBUNMANADO.CO.ID, MANADO – The Government of North Sulawesi Province includes 1 of 6 Provinces whose public services are rated low by the ombudsman survey.
The Ombudsman as an institution that oversees the running of public services conducts annual surveys on the level of performance of public services.
It is assessed that the compliance of public service agencies against Law 25 of 2009 on public services.
Based on the compliance survey, Helda Tirajoh, North Sulawesi Ombudsman Representative Head concluded, the province of North Sulawesi entered the red report card or the level of compliance with the law is still low.
"The provincial government has a red value for its public services," he said.
The Ombudsman conducts, surveys of all regional apparatus organizations conducting public services.
"The judged compliance with Law No. 25 of 2009 on public service, if still red means not yet obedient," he said.
The ombudsman divides the assessment by zone, if the red zone is 0-50 (low), yellow zone 51-80 (medium) and green zone 81-100 (high).

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