Here's Antagonist Detail and Brave System in Valkyria Chronicles 4



SEGA reveals the antagonist characters who will be your main enemy in Valkyria Chronicles 4. In addition they also provide info on the new "Brave" system.

Previously I have revealed Valkyria Chronicles 4 with enough detail, both from the background of the story and also the characters that will appear in the game.
Well this time the fourth story of Valkyria Chronicles will bring back the feud between the Atlantic Federation and the Autocratic Eastern Imperial Alliance that took place in 1935 EC.

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Previously there are four main characters who will later become playable characters in this game. They are the troops of the 101st Edinburgh division led by commander Claude Wallace. Well, this time I will discuss the antagonists that will appear in this game.

Told that Imperial has an institution named Xechs Oule, the group that became the main antagonist in this fourth series. Well here are some characters from the Imperial side that will appear in this game:

Crimaria Lewin (voiced by Yukana) -He is one of the Valkyrians known as the "Queen of Snowstorm." He is also a special duty captain of X-0 "Xechs Oule," the Imperial research institute who runs a special unit test. It is one of the successful experimental results of the institution, but it is always inferior. In action he was accompanied by a wolf named Fenrir.
Forse (voiced by Kaito Ishikawa) – It is a tactical commander of Xechs Oule, which also always appears many times before the protagonist exists. He had never been seen fighting because his legs were deformed. But his confidence always makes his plans neatly arranged.
Berger (voiced by Shou Hayami) – The Xechs Oule Supervisor is a nobleman and executive of the institution. He has authority as an admiral and considers Xechs Oule as his chess piece.

Kiara Rosina (voiced by Yukiyo Fujii) – Special member of Xechs Oule. He and Nikola Grev work together like sisters at this institute. He has a sadistic personality, to be assigned to finish off the enemies of Berger.
Nikola Grev (voiced by Naomi Ohzora) – Just like Kiara, she is a special member who both have a sadistic personality. But he has a more sinister type than Kiara. You could say he was a more dangerous bodyguard Berger.
Krautz Voltz (voiced by Hiroki Touchi) -Kaptain from Ausbruch, an independent gang of Imperial troops. He is a veteran commander who fights to protect his people living in the Empire. He fought tanks!
In addition to these six new characters, SEGA also provides information on the new "Brave" system. When your trousers are on the verge of death, an opportunity is called "Brave." When active, the player can choose the following two options:

"Entrust" – Returns one Command Point (CP) and increases the ability of a friend nearby.
"Rise Up" – Returns an Action Point (AP), and allows you to attack and move once in an invincible state.
Edited by Doni Jaelani


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