From Son of King to Asian Leader, It's She 5 Korean Drama Inspired by Real People

The characters in K-drama are often fictional characters created by the author. But not all fictitious, here he is 5 Korean dramas whose characters are inspired by real figures.

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1King Choongseon in K-drama The King in Love
source: dramabeans In this 40-episode K-Drama, there is a character named Wang Won who is beautifully played by actor Im Siwan.

4 Korean Stars 1 Wrong
By Naeun Zang


In 4 Korean Stars 1 Wrong is definitely you can distinguish between idol with real characters!

Although not his character which is a true story, but the background of Wang Won is the inspiration of real character King Choonngseon. King Choongseon was the son of Chungyeol king and his mother was a royal family of Yuan.
2Queen Seondeok in K-drama The Great Queen Seondok
source: vikiMeski the story in this drama is fictitious, but the character of Queen Seondeok is a real character you know! Queen Seondeok is the leader of the greatest Asian woman of her time.

The K-drama character gained tremendous popularity, even BIGBANG leader G-Dragon claimed a lot to learn about the leadership of Queen Seondeok's character.
3Professor at Dongguk University in K-drama Miss Ripley
Source: dramabean Character played by beautiful actress Lee Dae Hae in K-drama Miss Ripley this turned out to be an inspiration from a professor at Dongguk University. The figure in K-drama is about a woman who gets a job from falsifying identity.
Nahas, in the real story of the professor was imprisoned for 18 months and exposed to a scandal with a presidential aide.
4A Japanese Man in K-drama My Wife Having an Affair This Week
source: bloggerK-drama produced by JTBC TV station is about real characters, a man in Japan who is confused what to do when he finds his wife will do the affair.
The man then asked a forum about what he should do if his wife will cheat this week. Suddenly the forum became viral and got a lot of responses from the public.
5Lee Young Suk in K-drama Bachelor Vegetable Store
source: dramabeansTokoh that is in K-drama is a man named Lee Young Suk. Youngsuk is a man who proves that results will not betray effort.
Started with a small vegetable shop and thanks to its diligence turned into a national franchise that has 33 branches. K-drama this one can be an inspiration for you who are in business lho!

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