Flashback, Here's 5 Most Disappointing Video Games Throughout 2017!

        Mahdaen.TV News – It does not feel the end of 2017 is almost here. You could say this year 2017 is a good year for developers and video game publishers to show some of his best work. Every major gaming event from E3, the Tokyo Game Show, and some other events is a great momentum to show and release the latest games to the market.
Well, on this occasion DuniaGames has conducted an objective assessment of some video games that release throughout 2017. The election results are also included reasons and gives a clear picture of why some of these video games became the most disappointing video games. Curious are there any games? Come on, see below.
1. Need for Speed: Payback

Hope gamers when EA trying to turn the Need for Speed ​​franchise in Need for Speed: Payback is to have elements similar to the series Need for Speed ​​classic ever released before. Of course for fans of Need for Speed ​​many who hope that this latest game not only offers stunning graphics but also re-present with some classic features such as customization, single player campaign, and also multiplayer exciting. But what is gained from video games that release November 10, 2017 yesterday was just beyond expectations. You will be served with a mission that just so-so, minimal exploration experience, grinding boring, even added features loot box that actually worsen the image of the video game. In essence there is no innovation of any feature in this new series.
2. Mass Effect Andromeda

Fans of the Mass Effect franchise are very hopeful that his latest series, Mass Effect Aromeda, this can be the most slick series of previous series that have been released. Has a sale value in the quality of the graphics is very slick, this series just seem like a catch-up game, because there are still many shortcomings and bugs that make uncomfortable when playing. With a super cool lure when presented in a major gaming eventvideo, in fact at the time of release of all these features can not satisfy the expectations of gamers, and even many gamers are disappointed. BioWare was then anticipate this by perfecting his game, but still the gamer's impression on this series is not good.
3. Mario Superstars

The appearance of Mario Superstars on 3DS handheld proved to fail because it is not in demand by gamers around the world. Video games that offer some sport activities is actually seen 'maksa', because the quality of the graphics shown less so good. Looks like Mario Superstars is more suitable when released on the hybrid console Switch is better able to present the graphics quality and better play experience.
4. Yooka-Laylee

The efforts and hard work of the Playtonic Games developers to revive the Yooka-Laylee character have indeed been successful. However, this video game developed long enough is not as expected by the developer; because Yooka-Laylee actually less desirable by gamers. They must accept defeat from other games that are far more attractive in terms of gemeplay and more affordable in terms of price.
5. Star Wars: Battlefront II

The biggest disappointment in the video game industry today is when Star Wars: Battlefront II released EA some time ago. Although it has used (intellectual property) IP Star Wars and promising graphic quality is so cool, but EA actually apply the rules that are very detrimental to gamers when about to buy the video game.
In the initial release of Star Wars: Battlefront II, gamers can only play this game with characters that are so limited. To open the other characters takes a relatively long play time. Do not want to play for long? You can use the microtransaction and loot box features EA embedded in Star Wars: Battlefront II. But get ready to spend Rp26juta yes if you want to have all the content.
Well that's some of the most disappointing video games of 2017. There are still some other disappointing video games in 2017, but WorldGames will discuss in the next article. Do not forget to follow the social media of DuniaGames to know the interesting information about video games ya gaes!

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