Fedi Nuril Reveals Fahri in 'The LOVE OF LOVE 2' No Longer Shy On Women

                            The movie AYAT AYAT CINTA (AAC) in 2008 and then certainly still make an impression for the audience. Now, almost 10 years interval comes back to the story of CYOLOGY 2 with stories and conflicts that are certainly more interesting. Fedi Nuril also told how the life of Fahri figure in the LOVE OF LOVE 2 after the loss of the wife of Aisha who was then a volunteer in the Gaza Strip.
"I think the difference in the AAC first is that he's looking for his soul mate, the second one is a mate but lost.In the sense that he has to wait because the disappearance is not clear, is it alive, even if it's dead where his body is not knowing. or move on.This is the confusion he had, "said Fedi Nuril when met after press screening AYAT AYAT CINTA 2 at XXI Plaza Indonesia, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (6/12) night.
No longer a matter of romance alone, but in this film Fahri figure makes us realize that human beings must do good to fellow human beings regardless of origin, social status, religion and so forth.
"Here the issue is more international, yes, as he wanted to straighten out Islamophobia in Europe, so his neighbors of different religious cultures all he helped without questioning what their background was.However he was mooed, he still patiently helped them. AAC 1 and 2. If you had only focused on Egypt and its issues, then this is in Edinburgh, there is Malaysia too, more broadly, "he said.
Fedi 'lost' wife in VERSES OF LOVE 2 LOVE © KapanLagi.com® / Budy Santoso
Fedi also revealed that many changes the character of Fahri figure from the first. Because Fahri has now become a lecturer. He also looks more mature and confident and was not shy again when meeting women.
"There is still a difference because it is 7 years after the first AAC.Fahri (now) more mature, so a lecturer.Fahri Fahri acting may be a bit deadlocked because it is still a student, there is still a sense of inferior.If now more confident because he is a lecturer right. She has to believe in herself so that the students listen to her, her gesture makes no difference, if she meets women not too shy first, career is also far more successful, "he concluded.
In addition to Fedi Nuril, the film is lifted from the best-selling novel by Habiburrahman El Shirazy and directed by Guntur Soeharjanto also featuring other talented actresses such as Dewi Sandra, Tatjana Saphira, Chelsea Islan and many more. MD Pictures and produced by Manoj Punjabi will be screened simultaneously in all Indonesian cinemas from December 21, 2017.

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