Employee's Worry Being Barked with Painful Words, He Replied With It

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TRIBUNSUMSEL.COM- A man wrote curhatan about his hard experience while working.
Not everything in the world of work can be done easily.
Some people argue that the world of work has many challenges and problems.
But, there is also a opinion that the challenge can actually form a better personality.
It is also felt by this man named Joe Najib.
This Malaysian man wrote his work experience on his Facebook page.
Joe Najib (Facebook / Joe Najib) At the beginning of his story, Joe writes a crude sentence.
The sentence contains the anger of Joe's superior who is not satisfied with his work.
"You're f ** king stupid or what? If you can not even do a simple thing then what the f ** k did I hire you for?!? Useless! "
("Are you stupid or what? If you can not do this easy thing then why do I hire you?!? Useless!")

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