Do not Apologize for the 10 Things You Already Do It

        Mahdaen.TV News – Apologizing is a good thing. But not for all things. There are things you really do not need to apologize.

Do not be too sensitive to apologize just because you want to be accepted in a certain circle so you need to keep the feelings of others. Remember that your feelings also need you to take care of them, and the feelings of others are the responsibility of the person. You are very easy to feel guilty, never apologize about these 10 things, yes!
1. Do not apologize about your choice of heart.

Whatever your choice, whether you choose wrong or right, profitable or disadvantageous, sad or pleasant, everything is full in your decision. You do not need to apologize for something that has been your responsibility. If you end up regretting the wrong choice, it is also learning for yourself.
2. Do not apologize about how you want to use your money.

Whether it's eating a lot wherever you want, shopping or a walk, you do not have to feel guilty for spending your money. As long as you use is the result of your own hard work, then other people are not entitled to receive an apology from you. You are entitled and will always have the right to do whatever you want.
3. Do not apologize for help.

Everyone needs someone else. The exact word when you ask for help is "Please," not "Sorry," you do not need to apologize for asking someone else for help. You are not wrong, you just need help. Do not feel bad just because other people want to help you.
4. Do not apologize about any opinions you expend.

Whether your opinion contradicts others or even you who have opinions that are different from others, you should not apologize. You do not have to apologize for your opinion anyhow. Just like any other free person, so do you.
5. Do not apologize because you rejected something.

If the offer comes to you and the offer is not what you want, then you do not have to apologize for rejecting it. Just as you are free to argue, then you are also free to refuse or accept.
6. Do not apologize for not replying to chat on time.
You have a busy life, the person who contacts you must also know that you are not replying for doing your activities. You should not have to apologize for being late or even late for a message. It's not wrong, do not apologize.

7. Do not apologize for having expressed what you are like.

Cheerful, moody, a lot of whims until quiet, do not apologize to be yourself. Again, sorry should only be used if you make a mistake. Do not apologize for expressing yourself.
8. Do not apologize for treating people the same way they treat you.

If you feel uncomfortable because other people treat you so, you do not need to apologize for feeling bad. Other people do you, then if you do not feel like talking to them it's fine, you do not have to apologize for that. Unless you make a mistake by hurting their feelings then you deserve to apologize.
9. Do not apologize for telling someone how you feel.

Angry, sad, happy, how you feel, you do not have to apologize just because you say about what you feel. Do not feel bad just because you're sad, do not feel high just because you're happy, do not apologize if you're not wrong.
10. Do not apologize for falling in love.

Because you have a secret feeling with your friend so you feel guilty, do not. No need to apologize for your love, you deserve to love whoever you want. It would be wrong if you love another man's wife or husband, but as long as you love someone who has no one else on his side, then it is not wrong.

You may be a soft-hearted figure who easily feels guilty if you have a different opinion or make somebody somewhat annoyed with you. However, if other people are annoyed with you then it is not you who should take responsibility and apologize.
Their dislike is their business, not yours so you should always apologize for anything. Do whatever your heart wants, choose according to the will of your heart, step without hesitation, no need to think about whether it is wrong or true according to others. All that matters is what your heart says, not what others want.

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