#DCPodcasters – Courrier des Auditeurs # 3 – Guests in madness

It is with pleasure that we find ourselves for a new podcast Courrier des Auditeurs, the third, the last of the year 2017. So, to close this category for the year, we thought that a recap would be interesting, but alone, it was less fun. So we invited two guests to accompany us. You will be able to find with me the super-sounds Blue and Watchful, but also, two ghosts. One that comes back to us in an Olympic form as you will see: Corentin. The other has just been promoted fresh editor after leaving this role with us: Arnokikoo. The two boys who left during the year at ComicsBlog make us the pleasure of joining us, as in the good old days, and promised, it goes a little in a spin.Au program, we return a little Justice League , on Hans Zimmer, the Crisis on Earth-X crossover, the VF releases, Doomsday Clock, the DC animated universe, or the toys of our childhood, through the Lanterns Corps that fall into oblivion.Cinema: ( 4:24) Our guests talk about Jake Gyllenhaal en BatmanThe film Justice League fun? Hans Zimmer who turns away from superhero moviesComics VF: (29:33) The unreleased track that we would like to see published in VFLThe favorites of reading of the year 2017The Guardians of the Earth -4 and the graphic comics formerComics VO: (42:16) Scott Snyder and his Bat-maniaBack on Rebirth and digression on VertigoThe Dark Knight ReturnsThe mythology that invites itself in Batman and Wonder Woman: The Brave And The BoldDoomsday Clock Would It Have More impact in 2017 that in 1993? Too many events kill the event? Characters: (1:15:30) The best BatmanThe second knives that deserve to have their solo titleThe point on the Lantern CorpsTV: (1:28: 55) The Crisis on Earth-XJustice League Action crossover and the DCAUInstall the same atmosphere between comics and animeBonus: (1:45:10) The toys of our childhoodA request for marriageThe Zeppeli museum and the complete spinAll, do not hesitate not to ask us your questions for the next podcast "Mail readers" in the comments of this article, and in the dedicated part of the forum. And you can find us on iTunes with the name DCPodcasters.Music: Prequell – Part V Podcast: Download (173.4MB) Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android |

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