contempt for the young

On December 2, 2017, Laurent Ruquier received in the company of his columnists Christine Angot and Yann Moix for his show On not lying celebrities like Joey Starr, Philippe Maneuver, Manuel Valls or Pierre Palmade.
Taking advantage of the promotion of the show of the latter, Yann Moix attacked Nabilla Benattia, who did not fail to answer him on Twitter.
Yann Moix attacks Nabilla Benattia in We are not lying
Pierre Palmade explains that in his new show Love Me, he plays autobiographical characters, because, to use his words in the show:
The more we talk about ourselves, the more we talk about everyone, I feel.
The show airs a short excerpt from this new show, where the character played complains about not having internet, and that makes him very bad mood.
Pierre Palmade adds after the excerpt that he interprets an individual who does not see what is the most important misfortune – since we must prioritize the misfortune …
The excerpt is quite funny in the eyes of Yann Moix, who is very interested in the excerpt he just saw.
The reason for this interest suddenly includes Nabilla Benattia, emblematic figure of French reality TV, absent from the set:
You take a girl like Nabilla, for example, it's the 21st century. What is the 21st century? It is a society where if you announce to Nabilla that her mother is dead, she is very very sad. You tell her that her Facebook account is blocked, she commits suicide.

The extract starts from 26 min
" That is true ! It's a funny time! Replied Hilariously, Laurent Ruquier. Who are you saying that to.
Nabilla Benattia, the one who did not ask for anything
Nabilla Benattia is not at his first attack perfectly free from Yann Moix.
L'Express reports the comments made by the chronicler in 2014 in the Obs:
She is the captive of a civilization that does not read, hate to wait, and expects nothing more than the consecration of the self, this perpetual, arrogant, cocaine, brutal and uneducated self, at a time when inculture has become no longer a shame, but the standard of a generation without memory.
As long as we do, rather than just belittle a single person, let's insult an entire generation. But I will come back to it.
Meanwhile, admire all the same for pleasure, the bad faith of a writer who accuses a "civilization that expects nothing more than the consecration of the self", the same who lay a pavement of 1200 pages (Birth) on him and is a columnist on television in a popular program.
And then, I also think that we can reproach a certain lack of delicacy to someone who ensures that a death of a mother is less serious than a blocking of Facebook page. It's a bit "brutal", Mr. Moix. Maybe even an "arrogant" hair.
If Nabilla Benattia had instead kept away from attacks, this time, the individual went too far in taking violent action against his family.
She cracked a first answer, stung to the quick (and frankly funny):

@ruquierofficiel small menopausee tell your dog frustrated that he does not speak of the moms because it hurts people … (not me I am armored against the idiots)
– Nabilla Benattia (@Nabilla) December 3, 2017

Before reacting a second time, masterfully:

A narcissistic pervert or a person with a narcissistic personality disorder is a person who has a self-depreciating image of himself and who values ​​himself by belittling others. Men are more often affected than women by narcissistic perversion.
– Nabilla Benattia (@Nabilla) December 4, 2017

Forgive me, but he did not steal it.
Free violence on television, pound of On is not lying
It's a funny time! replied Laurent Ruquier. Is not it, Lolo, it is the case to say it!
This is a time when, on television as elsewhere (on the internet for example), we rejoice to attack free people who have not asked for anything, who express themselves and who undertake.
This is a time when, in addition to doing it with foul condescension, we are attacking someone's family.
It is a time when, influential journalist on a big chain, one chooses to criticize rather than to invite and to discuss.
Also according to the site of the Express, when the programmer of On is not lying proposed to invite Nabilla Benattia, Laurent Ruquier replied that it did not interest him.
This is unfortunate: given the number of occurrences to the young woman in their interventions, there must definitely be a form of fascination.
And this interest, I understand it. Nabilla Benattia is a personality that I find intriguing. She masters her image, and regularly blurs the tracks as for her course.
According to her Wikipedia page, she claimed to have a higher degree in English (likely, given her ease in professional meetings in Les Anges, where she regularly served as an interpreter) before claiming to have stopped the patent.
Her success, she owes it to an expression, her famous "No but hello what? ", Uttered during his participation in the Angels of the reality TV, which has earned him to be propelled to the forefront of the media and gain immense popularity.
Is it really stupidity? Perhaps. Personally, and from my sole point of view, I doubt it.
In truth, it is difficult to define the character, who never hesitates to show self-mockery and to stage his (his alleged) ignorance:

When @KMbappe and @Booba explain the history of the 2017 Goncourt Prize at @Nabilla 😅 #Canalbis
– CANAL + (@canalplus) November 7, 2017

She seems to like the game, knowing full well what will amuse her audience:

The what ?????
– Nabilla Benattia (@Nabilla) December 4, 2017

In her interviews, she recoils and expresses herself well, with confidence. As proof, I invite you to take a look at this October 2017 interview supplement interview.

If his first answer tweet is pungent but not the most skilled, his second with the definition of the narcissistic pervert shows that it lacks neither wit nor sagacity.
Since the young woman claims to be the spokesperson of a generation (the one who annoys Yann Moix), inviting Nabilla Benattia would be an opportunity to try to penetrate this particular personality, this media character.
Finally, it would still be necessary for him to let the floor and question it rather than simply give his opinion and attack, but this is another debate.
In any case, one prefers the mistake rather than the curiosity, the complacency between old grognards who find that all the young people are glandus, that the opening.
It's a shame, especially from Yann Moix, who knows how to seize the theme of popular culture.
As a reminder, he is the author of the book, then director of the film Podium with Benoît Poelvoorde. The theme of the work addresses the question of "easy" celebrity, that of identity.
Was not it an opportunity to think intelligently about the subject with a child of television? No ? OK.
Yet so much contempt for young people?
Not too long ago, Mymy told you about Squeezie's disregard for Thierry Ardisson's broadcast of Salut les Terriens, and it was far from the first time that we relayed Snobbery towards the new "youth idols".
By attacking Nabilla Benattia for free, Yann Moix attacks a generation. And it's exhausting.
Why this image of youth? Where is she from ?
Is Yann Moix going to meet young people today? The one who is now a graduate of higher education at almost 45%, who alternates between their studies and a job, who undertakes much more than before and earlier and sooner in the creation of a company, who is volunteering in ever increasing way?
And this is only a non-exhaustive list.
Yann Moix is ​​a bit like the one who allows himself to comment by criticizing an entire article having only read his title: he seems to attack youth without trying to understand it.

In the same show, the week before, Alain Finkielkraut claimed that the company was now gerontophobic. Would not the dynamics be rather reversed?
Nabilla Benattia is not the first to receive reviews from Yann Moix: Natoo suffered in 2015 his snobbery vis-à-vis its success on the Internet.
To read also: Youtubers, the contempt of the media and the concept of "real profession"
Marina Kaye, still in 2015, was obviously not the ideal young person in the eyes of the chronicler, as she did not smile enough. He had also been very severe towards his album, without bringing any argument to his criticism, which had the gift of annoying the singer.
In February 2017, Yann Moix launched with impunity to the DJ Kungs that he was a "head with slaps". I invite you to watch the interview I made in November 2016 to make sure that is far from the case.

Youth embodies the future, it is she who will dictate her codes and who is already starting to do so.
Practices change, be they cultural, political, professional. Rather than making resistance, it would seem smarter to understand, to tame, to enrich each other's own experience.
Remember Pierre Palmade's words on self-narrative: what was acceptable to him should be for everyone, including young people.
Speaking of ourselves, we are witnessing our generation, desires, hopes and anxieties. If Nabilla Benattia has gained popularity, it is because her personality meets the expectations of the youth, who found a model.
On the other hand, I concede, it is a fact, young people read less after college, in favor of other types of activities (well, not quite, since they read other things, and especially many on the Internet).
But if you have to rely on Yann Moix's figure to promote reading, he who embodies snobbery and contempt, I fully understand that they are turning away from books to the benefit of reality TV, more relaxed and uninhibited, or videographers – who, for their part, commit themselves more and more to good causes.

Fortunately, the world is well done, because these people also write books, and embody an obvious and effective way to reconnect young people with the practice of reading, and even to make publishing alive.
But as long as snobbery continues to rage, in the literature but more generally towards young people, it will be necessary to be patient before individuals like Yann Moix finally admit that the society has changed, that it is neither better nor better, just different.
Unless Laurent Ruquier decides to leave the author's seat to a chronicler, he will be younger for the next season?
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