Confident Must Win, Basaria Panjaitan: There Must be No Gap for KPK Lose in Pretrial That

Warta KOTA, GROGOL – Commissioner of Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Basaria Panjaitan invites suspect of e-ID card corruption case Setya Novanto (SN) to take pretrial legal action in South Jakarta District Court.
Basaria was optimistic about winning the pretrial presiding over Kusno's sole judge. According to him, there is no gap that can be utilized SN and his legal advisers, to defeat the KPK.
"If the pretrial just please, because we sure must win, there must be no gap for KPK lost in the pretrial," said Basaria, met at the Seminar of Active Role of Higher Education in Guarding Corruption Eradication at Hotel Ciputra, Thursday (7/12/2017 ).
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This is the second pretrial filed by SN in South Jakarta District Court. In the first trial, the trial was presided over by a single judge, Cepi Iskandar. At that time, SN escaped the status of the suspect after the judge accepted the lawsuit.
Currently, the KPK has completed the task of completing the file, until it is declared complete or P21. By reason of honoring the vocation of the judge, despite completing the file, the anti-recruiting commission still provides an opportunity for SN to undertake a pretrial effort.
However, Basaria refused to answer when asked whether to speed up the filing process and transfer the files, including part of the KPK's strategy against SN pretrial.
"We are sure that we are sure that we will win if this is continued, hopefully it will not be continued." Strategy or no strategy I do not need to answer yes, certainly the file is sufficient For what to hold, we give it directly, "he explained. (*)

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