Christmas Gift Ideas for Chilly Person –

It's cold and you're an ultra-cautious person? You want to find something to warm the loaves?
No problem.
I've put together a small selection of items or goodies to avoid hypothermia because even if your buddies find "it's good," you'll never do it.
Yes I'm talking about you team "but no, there is no need to put the heating": you lie!
Plaids to fight the cold
For we all need your pledge like the chosen one of his heart.
Here are three different models, which I love. What good spending big nights Netflix and chill and "chilly" and "proud to be"!

49,99 € at Maisons Du Monde

29,99 € at Maisons Du Monde

49,99 € at Maisons Du Monde
Hot water bottles to fight the cold
The hot water bottle, this reliable ally! I chose the first in black, but it also exists in white at the same price and in gray at 17.99 €.
The coating is extra-soft fake fur for a lot of fun, but my preference goes to the second: the badger hot water bottle below.
She is WELL TOO MINOUSH. And it's a badger. Lol.

To € 20.97 at Amazon

To $ 19.99 at Amazon
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Big cotton velvet socks to fight the cold
Not only these socks are thick, warm and velvet cotton, but they are more anti-slip and promo.
The good plan to hang out at home in the winter.

At 7,99 € instead of 29,99 € at Amazon
Christmas sweaters to fight the cold
What's better than a Christmas jacquard sweater during the month of December?
A lousy Christmas combination for men. No that's not true.
By cons, pulls effects mohair (like the last) are cool too.

From € 25.99 at Pull & Bear

From € 29.99 at Pull & Bear

From € 25.99 at Pull & Bear
Neutral or leopard warm slippers to fight the cold
The ultimate pleasure. You only have to look at the picture to find out.
I know you know that too.

25,95 € at Gifts Folies
A cookie cup warmer to fight the cold
Nice little discovery that I have there with this cookie cup warmer!
Personally, I need so much to warm my coffees / teas / soups all the time, that is precisely what was missing in my life.
Maybe you too, so present.

At 13,95 € at Gifts Folies
Plaid or soft scarves to fight the cold
Do you like big throws? Do you like soft faux fur? Why not bring them directly around your neck?

At 9,95 € instead of 17,95 € at Stradivarius

15,95 € at Stradivarius's

From € 19.90 at Pimkie's
A teapot bubble of tea glass to fight the cold (with tea)
Drinking good, well-infused tea always warms a heart and a body.
(It's beautiful what I say brothel.)
As Christmas approaches, Nature & Découvertes offers special organic teas, so why not crack?

€ 19.95 at Nature & Discoveries

14,95 € at Nature & Discoveries
A mug "To Go" to fight the cold (with sweets)
The mugs are often described as designed for coffee, but after all, if you want to put your tea or hot chocolate inside, it's up to you.
The main principle is to keep your drink hot when you are stuck at home and you will be late, but you MUST drink your dose.
And for a little coffee-shopesque effect, I found a mix for chocolate marshmallow milk that you can add in the mug if you drink hot chocolate!

At € 4.50 at Hema's

€ 5 at Hema
So my team "it quails", you found your happiness? Tell me what kicked you!
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