CEO Publicis Media Russia Sergey Beloglazov – about trends in advertising and forecasts for 2018 | Advertising Marketing PR asks the tops of the advertising market about the results of 2017 and expectations for the next year continues a series of publications in the format of a blitz interview with top managers of the media and advertising business. The editors ask them two questions – about how the advertising market changed in 2017 and what is waiting for it in the next. Today, the opinion is shared by the executive director of the advertising group Publicis Media Russia, the Russian division Publicis Groupe, Sergei Beloglazov. What events and trends have had the greatest impact on the advertising market this year? And why? I would call 2017 the year of the continuation of the movement within the framework of the trends formed in 2016. The volume of the advertising market again doubled, despite the existing consumption stagnation. Continued the search for a balance between classical marketing, brand building and performance-marketing. The balance has not yet been found. The agent market accelerated the movement to a state where real competition of agencies takes place on the field where it should be – in maximizing the benefits for customers through technological developments and a deep understanding of their business. This process was promoted by the general aspiration of the market participants to increase the level of transparency. Evidence of this fact is an increasing number of tripartite agreements with the National Advertising Alliance, and a serious discussion about brand safety and viewability, which was reflected in the concrete steps of market participants, and an increasing number of advertisers who understand that price tenders (in the form, in which they were conducted in recent years) do not make sense. What does the market expect in 2018? What trends will determine its development? 2018 will be the year of development trends that began to take shape in 2017, and the market will continue to move in this direction – unless politics and economy make their own adjustments.

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