CEO Dentsu Aegis Network Mikhail Voshchinsky – about the trends in advertising and forecasts for 2018 | Advertising Marketing PR asks the tops of the advertising market about the results of 2017 and expectations for the next year is asking the top managers of the media and advertising business two questions – about how the advertising market changed in 2017 and what awaits him next. Today, the CEO of the communication group Dentsu Aegis Network Mikhail Voshchinsky shares his opinion. What events and trends have had the greatest impact on the advertising market this year? And why? I think the main event of 2017 is that the agency business can rightly be called a technology business. In 2017, a critical moment was passed when technological solutions moved from the field of innovations and experiments to the rank of an integral element of the industrial ecosystem and the DNA of business agencies. From the communication market, in fact, it was transformed into a techno-communication one. For holding Dentsu Aegis Network is an organic way of development, which we started to lay 2-3 years ago. In 2015, a new operating model was launched, and in 2016 we announced a focus on 6 practices that will determine the advertising market in the future – most of them were technological. The path that we took together with industrial players, creating new products, became the basis for the emergence of solutions that are now an industrial technological standard, for example, TV programmatic. Now all the stakeholders of the advertising process – media, sellers, advertising groups, advertisers – actively share the technological motion vector, offer their own platforms, products and solutions. This coordinated position allows finding the necessary resource for further qualitative changes and getting synergy across the whole chain of media solutions for the client. What does the market expect in 2018? What trends will determine its development? In my opinion, in 2017 the market formed a lot of ideas, stated a lot of new products, technologies and alternative approaches. 2018 should be a year of self-determination for the market. In the innovation process, not all prototypes are transformed into working tools – many are not scalable and serve, rather, as inspiration. This year, players have stated many curious formats. Next year it is important to structure this creation flow and understand what ideas and technologies can become an operational routine, and that will remain a test sample, a beautiful shell. But the fact that the advertising and technology market will never be divided, I have no doubt.

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