Brave Wonder, Wulan Guritno Attach Photos Nearly Open, Make Keteknya Look, Netizen: Item!

TRIBUNSTYLE.COM – Being an artist who posts anything on his social media, will inevitably become the spotlight of the community.
Various comments seemed to be ready to be accepted by these public figures.
So not infrequently those artists who do not want to post a flood of naughty comments netizens tend to be careful in social bermedia.
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However, it seems that this is not really ignored by this one artist.
Wulan Guritno is ignorant even though his picture floods an unsightly comment.
Because the 36-year woman was uploading a photo with a fairly challenging poses in his Instagram account, (6/12/2017).
The owner of the original name Wulan Lorraine Guritno was on vacation in Thailand.
instagram / wulanguritno () Wearing a bikini topper of flower motifs, and hot torn jeans, Shaloom Razade's mother shows off her sexy body.
Almost no fat folds that slipped adorn the mother of three children's body.

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