Blood Blood Set Save Many Friends Alive

        Mahdaen.TV News – In commemoration of Juang Kartika Kodim 0707 / Wonosobo, organizing a Blood Donor Social Activity by holding PMI Wonosobo Branch with PGRI Movement of Watumalang Branch on Wednesday (6/12). Assisted by Paramadya Spensawat social organization of PMR SMP 1 Watumalang.

Blood donor was followed by Kodim 0707 / Wonosobo personnel, the teachers who joined in PGRI Movement of Watumalang Branch, also attended Dandim 0707 / Wonosobo Lt. Col. Czi Dwi Hariyono and Muspika element of Watumalang District and PMI Chief of Wonosobo H.Mukhson Branch. the implementation of the activity took place in the Auditorium of SMP1 Watumalang with 110 participants, and 67 blood donors could be collected with blood type "A" 7 people, "B" 8 people, "AB" 3 people and "O" 49 persons.

Lieutenant Colonel Czi Dwi Hariyono said that the activity has a purpose and purpose as a humanitarian activity, realizing the awareness of the unit in order to help ease the government's task. Blood Donor activity is a form of awareness Kodim 0707 / Wonosobo to the general public, especially in Watumalang and Wonosobo District in general. And it is also a form of unity of the TNI and the People carried out by Kodim 0707 / Wonosobo, so that a harmonious relationship between the TNI and the community is established, "Dasim asserted.
H.Mukhson gave the highest appreciation to the people of Kodim 0707 / Wonosobo who have willingly donated their blood for social interests. The need for blood in Wonosobo is quite high. Between the number of donors with the need for blood in Wonosobo District is always unbalanced, there is still a shortage of blood. With the mass blood donation activities conducted by Kodim 0707 / Wonosobo in order to kick off Hari Juang Kartika, PMI Wonosobo expressed much gratitude. Enthusiasm from fellow members of Kodim 0707 / Wonosobo, Master and the general public is very good, so that later in the day for such activities can be carried out even greater, in order to achieve interest from the community to donate blood. Activities like this will always be done to meet the needs of the blood for the people in need. Kodim 0707 / Wonosobo is one of the most sensitive and caring institutions with social problems. So once there is mass blood donation activities as well as individuals, Kodim 0707 / Wonosobo always appear in the forefront, "he said.


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