Avoid Copyright Infringement, Pretend Stream Playing Games

The presence of pay-per-view based events is sometimes very annoying, but this time a streaming twitter streams for the event directly! Will this streamer be subject to copyright infringement?
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Events like the Ultimate Fighting Championship in the UK are usually only watched if someone has paid some money for monthly subscriptions. However, what happens if someone reruns this event live on a streaming site? The answer is obvious, copyright infringement from both sides.
Subcritical price is not cheap would be a deciding factor in buying something, like the game though. Final Fantasy XIV heavy fans, for example, will not mind paying around Rp380,000 to play for two months, and certainly not everyone will be willing to pay that much.

This applies to the subscription for BT Sport services. To access the Ultimate Fighting Championship, consumers must pay some money to subscribe to BT Sport Pack. For monthly rates via Sky TV alone, users must pay around Rp200,000 each month to watch exclusive sports events.
Not long ago, a streamer named AJ Lester did what could be called copyright infringement. On the livestream that runs through the twitch site, Lester shows the Ultimate Fighting Championship 218 event live! And of course, if Lester streams openly, the law will surely ensnare him.

Streamer successfully (and illegally) streams live PPV UFC fight … by pretending it's the EA game pic.twitter.com/SFCZAe4HR9
– AllGamesDelta (@AllGamesDelta) December 3, 2017

Either creative or ridiculous, Lester broadcasted the UFC event directly, and on the show he was seen pretending to play a UFC 3 game made by EA. With a very 'realistic' look to look like the original show, it's obvious that it's not a game.

By Electronic Arts


Not only in BT Sport alone, UFC is also present in smart phones!

This hilarious incident was eventually spread through social media twitter. With a total retweet of up to 70,000 and favorites that break through 170,000, this event will sooner or later be detected by UFC and Twitch organizers. It is unknown why Lester aired the UFC, but he is now back on schedule as usual.
Will AJ Lester get caught in the law of UFC and Twitch organizers? Or is this a marketing trick from EA?
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