Apparently The K-Pop Idol It's Dreaming to Collaborate with Singer-Singer Here!

        Source: YoutubeIn the Korean music industry, collaboration between artists is very often the case, whether in singing, dance, or rap. Collaboration itself can occur between artists under the same or different management. And usually K-pop fans have a list of artists they want to collaborate in the future.
But it turns out, not only the fans who have a list of it, some Korean idols also have a blunt mention the name of the singer they want to collaborate someday.
Approximately your favorite idol wants to collaborate with whom?
1Baekhyun (EXO)

The dream collaboration of the first K-pop idol came from main vocalist EXO, Baekhyun. Although already very popular, it turns out this Baekhyun also have a dream to collaborate with other singers you know. According to his confession, Baekhyun really want to collaborate with an indie group, Bolbbalgan4.
"I really like the music and the sound of Bolbbadlgan4. Their songs have innocent feelings. I want to sing with them, "Baekhyun said.
2Chen (EXO)

Not only Baekhyun. apparently his comrade colleagues at EXO that Chen has also expressed his desire to collaborate with Korean indie group that is, 10cm.
And this Chen's dream came true. On November 3rd, their collaborative track "Bye Baby" was officially released through SM Station.
3Joy (Red Velvet)

This 1995-born Red Velvet member said that he really fans with the typical Rose (Black Pink) voice and wants to collaborate with him someday.
"If I can I want to perform with Rose. We always recommend songs to each other, so I guess if we collaborate, we will quickly determine what song we will bring later, "said Joy.

Apparently, not only Joy who wants to collaborate with Rose (Black Pink). In an interview, IU's solo singer did not hesitate to name Rose as the singer he most wanted to duet with.
5Jungkook (BTS)
Source: Amino AppTak is just an ordinary person who has an idol artist. Member of boy band BTS Jungkook who has fans almost all over the world also has a very idolized figure. He really wants to collaborate with his idol artist.
For the ARMY, it is common knowledge that Jungkook is a hard-line fan of IU. On various occasions he always reveals that IU is his ideal type. Maknae BTS is also without a doubt revealed that one day, he wanted to accompany the song IU with guitar strikes. #May your dreams are soon reached ya Jungkook.
6Suga (BTS)

The other BTS member Suga also said that he wanted to collaborate with Epip High Korean Hip Hop group.
That's because Epik High is his inspiration to be a rapper like now. Since then, Suga has decided that if she becomes a singer, she wants to collaborate with her idol artist.
And this Suga dream will be achieved. Because the Epik High member, Tablo has selected Suga to fill the rap section of the song he created for singer Lee So Ra. # Congratulations yes Suga!
7Yery (Red Velvet)

Maknae Red Velvet revealed that he wanted to collaborate with Nayeon (TWICE) in the future.
8Taemin (SHINee)
Source: Twitter The dream collaboration of K-pop idols that came from SHINee's main dancer is Taemin.
Taemin who is the main dancer really want to collaborate with his friends gangnya Kai (EXO), Timoteo 'HOTSHOT', Ha Sungwoon 'Wanna One' and Jimin 'BTS'. Well, if real happened, would really really kolaboasi this one.

Well that was the dream collaboration of idol K-pop. Of those, which collaboration are you most looking forward to becoming a reality?
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