A film announced for My Hero Academia, December 06, 2017


          The budding heroes of the Yûhei Academy will soon be invading Japanese cinemas since a film about Kôhei Horikoshi's work is in the works. This animated film should be an original story. For now, no more information, if not an output that should take place this summer.The Jump Festa, to be held on December 16 and 17, may tell us more about this project. The film will mark a double-dose of anime for My Hero Academia for 2018, the third season being scheduled for next spring. For reminder, the anime is available in VOD on DNA and physical medium at Kazé, while the manga original is published by Ki-oon editions.Synopsis: Super heroes, super powers … We have all secretly dreamed of possessing exceptional quality, shining or being the most powerful person in the universe. In this new world, this dream is within the reach of almost the entire population because humans can now be born with a power: the "alter". But some unlucky ones are born without alter. It is very unfortunate if one is puny, whiner and lacking charisma and especially if despite all that, one nourishes the ambition to become the mega superhero of all time. So this is the profile of Izuku Midoriya, 14 year old teenager. Fortunately, the picture is not completely dark. Indeed, Izuku is above all courageous and persevering. The dream can come true! Everything will switch when All Might, the hero of all heroes, will choose Izuku, against all odds, to become his successor. First challenge: join the prestigious Hero Academia: Yuei!



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