4 Reasons Why You Should Watch Net-Juu No Susume if You're a Gamer!

        Anime Net-Juu No Susume just aired in the fall of 2017. If you are a gamer, you must watch this anime. Let's check the reason here!

1Anime with Game Theme

This Net-Juu No Susume Anime tells about Morioka Moriko, a private employee who just quit his job to enjoy his life as a NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training).

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After resign, he plays an online game called Fruits de Mer and meets a character named Lily. From there, he began to get many online friends who unexpectedly were around him in real life.
If you are a gamer, of course this anime will be easy to understand because you must have felt what Morioka feel. For example, feeling good when meeting new friends in online games that can understand you well when you just got acquainted. Or maybe, it's like going to complete the quest along with your online gaming team.

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2Anime This Proves Many Hodes in Online Games

The players of online games must have known people who use the character of the sex is different from the original gender. For example, originally he is a man but in his online game, he uses female characters. Or even you are one of those who do that?
Well, in the world of online games Indonesia, people who do such things is called hode. Net-Juu No Susume proves that not a few people love to be hode in online games, because there are three characters in this anime that do that.
Usually, people like to be hode because the female characters usually look more cute than the male characters in the game.
In addition, not a few people also become hode to deceive others. An example is people will usually find a partner in an online game and ask their partner to buy things in the game for them.
3 Light Comedy Romance Case

Anime with game theme is not small, but Net-Juu No Susume can be said different from other anime. This is because, anime with game themes in general will focus more on the story of war in their game.
While the anime is this one, not too just focus in the game story only, but lifting the story of each character in real life as well. Not only that, the anime Net-Juu No Susume also tucked funny stories that can make the audience feel entertained.

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4Proving That Jodoh Not Where to Go

If in Indonesia, in general when we are acquainted with someone in online games, we do not hesitate to exchange personal contacts. Especially with the amount of social media available today, it will make it easier for us to communicate with our online game friends even though we are not playing games.
But in this anime, it is told that even though they are acquaintances in online games, they do not exchange personal contacts. Amazingly, these two characters can meet in other online games and even finally meet in the real world until the feelings of love among them.

Have you ever experienced the things above? Surely if ever, you can enjoy this Net-Juu No Susume anime. Do not forget to voice your experience in the comment field yes!
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