Yu Hyun Koo Holds a Sustained Signal With Sriwijaya FC

"Related to next season, I will talk after the season is over but I am happy to be in Palembang, so my family I play for Sriwijaya FC," said Yu Hyun Koo as reported by Sumatera Ekspres (Jawa Pos Group).

As a major player, Yu Hyun Koo is hoping that in the future he can contribute to give the title for Sriwijaya FC. Moreover, as a team with a series of achievements it is desirable Laskar Wong Kito back to the top ranks of elite teams in Indonesia. "I hope to give the title for Sriwijaya FC," he added.

Yu will focus on completing two remaining games. "We still have two games to play, focusing on how to win the game," explained the former player of Semen Padang.
Energetic players and often do this net tackle hope the remaining two games can be ended with maximum points. Although Sriwijaya FC is safe from the relegation zone, he and all the players want to end the season with a victory in two remaining games.
"This season is quite heavy but thanks to the hard work of all players, we can at least be safe from relegation and stay in League 1 next season," he added.
Yu made this season as a lesson for Sriwijaya FC. Next season, revamping must be done. "As a big team in Indonesia, we should be able to compete in the title race this season is not, but next season we should be able to compete," he concluded.

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