Wonder Woman breaks record at the box office for a film about the origins of a superhero

After a few shudders from the financiers of Warner Bros., the long-awaited announcement fell yesterday: Wonder Woman totals the best result at the box office for a movie about the origins of a superhero, surpassing Sam Raimi's Spider-Man. Fascinating numbersWhile Warner Studios has officially launched an Oscar campaign for Diana Prince, financial success is more than just you, hoisting the Amazon to the highest rank with $ 821.74 million. A score all the more beneficial for Warner Bros. as the film achieves more than half of its figure in the United States.And who agree with Henry CavillPrenant to clarify that the DCEU had not experienced the critical success expected, our film-maker admits that Wonder Woman had made it possible to go back on the right path, playing on the critical as well as the commercial scale. In any case, it's a safe bet that these numbers are well ahead of Warner Bros. a few days before the release of Justice League.

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