Windows 10 about to replace Windows 7?

If currently Windows 7 remains the most popular operating system, Windows 10 is poised to catch up. This finding comes from StatCounter, which presented some estimates. Thus, Windows 7 would have seen a slight decline, from 43.99% market share to 42.67% for the month of October 2017.
Windows 7, always the most used …
For Windows 10, the dynamics would be reversed, and the operating system would reach 40.95% of market share. The gap between the two OS would tighten up so dangerously. And if this process continues, Windows 10 might well exceed Windows 7 by the end of the year.
However, another expert firm, NetMarketShare, presented somewhat different estimates of StatCounter. Indeed, the estimates of Windows 10 regarding its market share appear different, with however a growing growth momentum.
… but Windows 10 is getting closer!
Thus, according to NetMarketShare, the market share of Windows 10 went from 29.09% to 29.26% in just one month, thanks to the update Windows 10 Fall Creators that seems to have boosted the operating system. But for this firm, Windows 7 is still quite ahead, although it has seen a small decline.
According to these analysts, Windows 7 would have gone from 47.21% to 46.63% of market share within a month. As can be seen, the differences in terms of estimation are important between the two firms. Only common point: the upward momentum for Windows 10.
However, it remains difficult to know who says true to the extent that Microsoft has not given official figures. Similarly, the methodology used by these two firms is imperfect, based on the versions used by visitors to access their respective sites. It is therefore estimates to take with tweezers.

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