When Duel Agon Versus Gao Against Eyeshield 21, Who Will Win? This is the Discussion!

The other has a super power that can make a team of enemies enter the hospital, the other has a god's reflexes. Who wins in the Agon versus Gao duel?
So, the authors get the shipment of interesting questions. Who will win in a duel between Agon versus Gao, two figures from the Eyeshield 21 manga?

If only Shinryuji Naga as his team beat Agon Deimon Devil Bats, this duel might just happen. But because Shinryuji get knocked out early, then the battle of both can only be in delusion. They even eventually become allies in the Japanese national team.
The Power of Each

Agon Kongo is a genius. Without the need to practice, he was able to outperform almost all players in the field. Therefore the position of Agon is flexible. Shinryuji takes two quarterbacks? Pair him with Unsui in that position. Shinryuji need a runner? He can, and the enemy will be hard to stop him.
Shinryuji need a receiver? He also can, and he remains difficult to stop.
Agon also has a God-Speed ​​Impulse, a skill that basically resembles Goku's Ultra Instinct. As long as he can see the movement of the enemy, he is able to react with super fast.
In terms of strength he is also considered exceptional. Probably not up to the level of Shin and Gao, but he's hard to stop with just one tackle. (Unless one person is Shin).
In the end, Agon can still be stopped, often by pushing him out of the field. But doing it is difficult.

Meanwhile, Gao Rikiya is a character from the Toriko or Dragon Ball manga who stray into sports comics. Its power is able to make a team of enemies enter the hospital. Since the American Football sports tie on Eyeshield 21 is quite slippery, Gao's action does not make him suspended.
Gao is actually a clean player. He will stop if the referee blows the whistle. If he has to stop the enemy, he will do so as permissible. But his strength was too great, and he had no interest in controlling it. As a result his enemy was falling.

Gao's power also hides intellectuals that can not be underestimated. Gao does not like to rely on technique, and is more interested in taking advantage of power alone. But that does not mean he's such a stupid dumb creature like Otawara from Ojo White Knights.
If Gao encounters any obstacles, he will adapt to overcome them. Shinryuji was able to make Hakushu Dinosaurs confused at the beginning with their full offense. But in the end Gao can still hit Kid and drop Riku.
Kurita's survival strategy in the early battle against Hakushu was also able to stem Gao. But Gao is able to overcome that too, so Kurita must be more aggressive to defeat him.
That's a comparison of the ability of both players. To see the discussion of who won in Agon versus Gao battle, check out the second page!

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