Welcome the New Seven Knights Rival Game from the Floopy Games Entitled Phantom Chaser

Finally the long-awaited game of mobile RPG fans will be released soon! Phantom Chaser becomes an RPG game that will become a rival of Seven Knights!

For you lovers of Seven Knights and want to play a similar game, then you do not have to wait any longer. Floopy Games announced that they will soon release Phantom Chaser, an RPG for mobile that will feature Hero Arena features like Seven Knights. But the difference, this Phantom Chaser will feature action games in Real-Time Strategy container! For complete you can check the following video:

This game itself was developed by Floppy Games using Unity Engine, resulting in a cool animation that is full of color. Moreover, the character design that appears in this game is also very cool! So certainly you will immediately fall in love with this Phantom Chaser. Take a look at the trailer above, you will see how beautiful this game takes place on your favorite smartphone.

At the Unity Korea Award event held in 2017, Phantom Chaser also managed to get the award as the game with the best graphics. This will certainly add to your spirit to wait for this game is not it? Hehe. This game itself will feature a fantasy story that will combine western and eastern cultures in one container game.

Narrated players will act as Phantom Hunter who will adventure in this vast fantasy world to defeat the evil demons! Of course your enemy is the Phantom who will appear during your journey. In this game there will also be a unique feature called "Mimic" that allows your character to be possessed by the Phantom, of course they will gain new skills to fight.
This Mimic feature will be the primary key in the game, allowing players to overcome barriers that are almost impossible to resolve with the normal strength of your character. In addition, there are other features and game modes that certainly will not bore you.

In a fight, players can control the characters they will use freely manually. Surely this will force you to set a strategy in the fight. One of the most powerful strategies is to quickly complete one enemy first, so that the other enemies are not so dangerous for your team.
Currently Phantom Chaser is being prepared for release in the global version. According to the developers of this game will be released in 7 languages, ranging from England, Germany, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, and also Korea. You can also pre-register, the prize is a 10x summon ticket that you can access when the game is released later.
Edited by Fachrul Razi

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