Village Funds Disbursed Without Accountability, KUPANG – Trial of alleged corruption case of ADD fund (allocation of village funds) 2013 in Daiama Village, Landu Leko Sub-district, Rote Ndao (Ronda) regency was held on Thursday (2/11) at the Kupang Tipikor Court. The agenda of the trial with the accused former Head of Daiama Village, Elihut Lazarus Anakay ie examination of witnesses from the Public Prosecutor (Prosecutor) on behalf of Sonny H. Sereh. In the trial presided by the presiding judge, Fransiska Dari Paula Nino accompanied by judges members of Ali Muhtarom and Gustap Marpaung, witness Sonny H. Sereh who served as Head of NTT Bank Office of Rote Ndao Branch was questioned about the disbursement of ADD by the defendant at Bank NTT. Defendant Elihut Lazarus Anakay in court yesterday was not accompanied by his legal counsel. In his testimony, Sonny explained that the account of Desa Daiama used to store ADD villages was indeed issued by Bank NTT. Because, clearly Sonny, all Village Governments in Rote Ndao District from the beginning is required to open an account at the Bank Office NTT. Furthermore, the PPKAD Rote Ndao service directly transfers ADDs to each village account that already exists. "All Pemdes, including Pemdes Daiama are collected by BPMPD to open an account at Bank NTT," he said when answering the question of the public prosecutor, Frangky Radja. In the process of making an account, Sonny said, his side requested SK appointment of village head, and asked for village head to fill and sign the specimen form. Because of the village heads signing the specimens, those who have the right to withdraw the financials in the account are only village heads. "The decree contains the full responsibility for the whole village activities. Thus, the village head is also responsible for the management of ADD, "said the witness. Sonny said, the treatment of the process of financial disbursement between regular customers with the disbursement of village finances, not much different. Thus, the witness said, the village that made and signed the specimen had the right to dilute the ADD as needed in the village. Source: Timor Express / JPNN

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