Vegetarian tacos with buds and quinoa, by Delicious Martha

Updated 10/31/2017 5:51 PM
 Because healthy eating does not have to be synonymous with boring eating, Marta Sanahuja, author of Delicious Martha, fills her basket with the purchase of organic ingredients Carrefour Bio and invites us to prepare vegetarian quinoa tacos and vegetables, a supercomplete dish, very easy to prepare and full of color that will convince you to reinvent your recipe book without sacrificing the authentic flavors.
 Vegetarian tacos with buds and quinoa, by Delicious Martha
Javier Ruiz de Arcaute Ingredients: buds, Carrefour Bio quinoa, curry, cumin, turmeric, sesame seeds, onion, eggplant, pepper, Carrefour Bio extra virgin olive oil and salt.
Step by Step:
Start by cooking the quinoa. To do this, wash it under the tap so that it does not bitter and cook it (the ratio is two parts of water to one of quinoa).
Cut the aubergine, pepper and onion into strips. Saute the vegetables for about 5 minutes, without losing their crispy texture.
Once cooked the quinoa, add the curry, cumin, turmeric and sesame seeds. Remove so that the flavors merge.
In a bowl, mix the quinoa with the vegetables.
To present, you can choose to serve the quinoa on the leaves of the buds or to do it separately so that the diners prepare their tacos.
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