Unexpectedly Terrorist Terrorists Surrender

jpnn.com, MATARAM – Imam Munandar, a suspected terrorist suspect who has been a fugitive of the Anti-Terror Densus 88 at Polri Headquarters finally surrendered. Residents of Penatoi Mpunda Kota Bima, NTB, was escorted by one of his family members, surrendered to Densus 88. Thus, ending was the search Densus 88 on the existence of Imam Munandar is touted as the perpetrators of the shooting personnel Bima Kota 11 September 2017. "Yes, I had a report from the region. There is indeed that (Imam Munandar) surrender, "said West Nusa Tenggara Police Commander Kombes Tajuddin when he was convicted in NTB Police Headquarters on Friday (3/11). After surrendering, the next Imam will be brought to Jakarta for development by Densus 88. "Today (yesterday) we bring directly to Jakarta to be examined there. Now again on the way, "he said. According to Tajuddin, Imam Munandar is a frontman of Jamaah Ansarut Daulah (JAD). The existence of JAD in Bima is believed to have long been established. "If I think that's Imam Munandar's group. If indeed this arrest is Imam Munandar, it means true the group, "he said.

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