UMP Payroll Workers Can Free Up Transjakarta

The additional service is to take the free Transjakarta bus and buy the basic needs price by 10% more than the market price.

Anies said that the program of Transjakarta bus ride is free and the price discount is follow up from Jakarta 2018 UMP stipulation. "We will provide more transparent road transportation service by providing free transjakarta card for workers with UMP salary. January 1st, "Anies said.

Transjakarta bus when passing in Corridor 13 (Ciledug-Blok M)
(Ismail Pohan / Indopos /

In addition to Transjakarta's free services, the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta also provides subsidized basic commodities. The workers can shop at Jakgrosir which sells the price of basic necessities cheaper around 10-15 percent of the market price. "So one side we will raise the UMP, one other side we will lower the cost of his life with the help of food subsidies," said Anies.
Another program that will provide a Jakarta Smart Card (KJP) for the children of workers whose salary of UMP. According to the former Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud), the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta will allocate Rp 885 billion for food subsidies and Rp 560 billion for increasing the amount of KJP.
Later, workers with a salary of UMP will be given a card that can access Transjakarta services and shop at Jakgrosir in one card.
This policy received appreciation from the politicians of Gerindra Party of DKI Jakarta. "Anies Baswedan-Sandiaga Uno has given a good breakthrough related to UMP and pro-labor program," said Chairman of DPC Gerindra Party Jakarta Timur Adi Kurnia Setiadi in his press statement on Thursday (2/11).
According to him, Anies-Sandi's decision to establish UMP 2018 with a basis of 8.1 percent increase has become a middle ground. Because such a number will support middle-class entrepreneurs down, so as not to go out of business. "The value of the UMP signed by the governor I think the middle ground is reasonable," said Adi. "If the increase in UMP is too high can be inconvenient middle-low entrepreneurs," said Adi.

(iil / JPC)

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