Tuto Hairstyle for Oily, Dirty, Short, Fine Hair

                  The saga of hairstyles on dirty hair continues with a new video.
I tended to offer a lot of hairstyles for long hair, and I admit, it sucks.

For more variety in the lengths and textures of hair, I made hairstyles on three other bold hair of the editorial!
Thanks to Clémence, Anouk and Louise!
Following the comments of the previous video that regretted that the hairstyles are not performed on really greasy hair, the new hairstyles will be performed on very greasy hair!
But I do not tell you more, go to the video!
The products used in the video

Styling mousse, Aussie, 10,06 €
Detangling spray, Schwarzkopf, 2 to 8,16 €
Transparent elastics, 0,62 €
Pliers, 2,21 €
Buns for buns, 3 to 6,59 €
I hope it will please you !
Kisses on your hair, if you have any, whether dirty or not.
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