Thor Ragnarok: analysis and explanation of the film

4 years after the release of the last movie of the Asgardian god, the Marvel team re-employs its hero with the golden mane in a new company that sends punch! Directed by Taika Waititi, this new film brings to the Marvel universe a refreshing vision of his divine character, but strongly influenced by The Guardians of the Galaxy. Is the film therefore an intergalactic dung? Not sure ! Here is my analysis of Thor Ragnarok! (WARNING: TOTALLY subjective opinion of the author of this article!). "After the events of Avengers: The Ultron Era, Thor finds himself imprisoned at the other end of the the universe without its hammer, and is running in a race against time to return home and prevent the Ragnarok – the destruction of its planet and its civilization – orchestrated by a new and overpowering threat, the terrible Hela. But he must first survive a gladiatorial fight that will make him face his former ally: Hulk »Summary of the intrigue of Thor Ragnarok: After a Dantesque fight in the underworld to prevent the Ragnarok, Thor, freshly single, finds that Loki took the place of old Odin on Asgard because of early retirement. Finding their father on Earth, he reveals to his offspring that his time has come and that by permanently withdrawing from "eternal" life he hastens the return of Hela, his eldest daughter, goddess of destruction and death who will therefore want to fuck the brothel in Asgard by first destroying Thor's hammer. In an attempt to escape him, Loki and his brother are ejected from Bifrost and Thor regains consciousness on Saakar, a planet serving as a discharge to the entire universe. He is then captured by a mercenary, fallen valkyrie and alcoholic whose main interest is the pleasure generated by epic battles of intergalactic gladiators. She sells it directly to the Grand Master (who controls Saakar). We then find Loki, catapulted a few months earlier on Sakaar by the temporal distortions caused by his ejection of Bifrost and become one of the close of the Grand Master. Enrolled against his will in this gigantic arena of the galaxy, Thor, having undergone a relooking the most successful, finds himself directly confronted with Hulk, disappeared during the events of Avengers: the Age of Ultron and become the favorite gladiator of the Grand Master. The (young?) Nordic god, then deprived of his hammer, draws on his hitherto unsuspected resources and then reveals an incomparable control of the lightning without the need for any artifact. Stopped in his tracks by the Grand Master while threatening to kill Hulk, Thor wakes up in the apartments of his opponent, who has not returned to his human form for more than 2 years. He therefore decides to escape without the complicity of the green giant who feels very happy about his life as a gladiator, and return to the ship of the Avengers who disappeared with Hulk during previous land events. Hulk, pursuing Thor to prevent him from fleeing, begins to ransack the ship, but accidentally triggers a video message sent by Black Widow to Banner. The latter, completely turned upside down, then regains possession of his body and becomes human again. During this time on Asgard, the return of Hela gives rise to a regime of terror among civilians, who can only rely on Heimdall to protect them. This one made impossible any use of the Bifrost in order to prevent the desires of conquest of the goddess of death towards other planets. On its side Thor, with the complicity of Banner, Loki, other gladiators and finally the fallen valkyrie, set up a small revolution in order to take possession of a Grand Master's ship, leave the planet by one of the dimensional holes that throw whole universe waste on Saakar, join Asgaard and defeat Hela.Once on Asgaard, an epic fight takes place between the god of thunder and his sister. But understanding that despite his new abilities, he can not defeat Hela, Thor decides to provoke the Ragnarok and the fall of Asgard to make it fall definitively. He embarks the entire population of Asgaard with him on the edge of one of the ships stolen from the Grand Master. Thor embraces his destiny by becoming the new king of "Asgaard" and heads to Earth to establish his people.Page 2: The characters of Thor RagnarokPage 3: Thor Ragnarok, a renewal at Marvel? The narrative arcs of Thor Ragnarok, from the comics to the screenPage 5: The post-generic scenes of Thor RagnarokRead more: the characters of Thor RagnarokWordPress: I like loading …

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