This is an effort to preserve agricultural production, JAKARTA – Director General of Infrastructure and Agricultural Facility of the Ministry of Agriculture Pending Dadih Permana said climate factor is a matter that needs to be addressed in order to achieve food self-sufficiency target. According to him, changes in rain patterns are now happening in some areas in Indonesia. Such as the early shifts of the rainy season and changes in monthly rainfall intensity with increasing diversity and deviation, as well as increased frequency of extreme climatic events, especially rainfall, wind, flood and rob. "Climate change that is happening currently affects the existence of land and water resources, decrease of plantation area and agricultural productivity," Pending said in Jakarta, Saturday (4/11). For that said Pending, needs to be made an adaptation effort. Especially in irrigation infrastructure to minimize the occurrence of drought or flood threats. Otherwise, rain-fed rice fields in Indonesia covering an area of ​​2.8 million hectares, are displaced in the dry season and excess water during the rainy season. Facing the current climate change, the government said Pending, is determined to continue to boost agricultural production by making adaptation efforts through various programs. Among other things, the focus of adaptation of agricultural cultivation includes improvement of water management management including irrigation systems and networks, development of water harvesting technology (embungs, dams, trenches and long-storage) and water use efficiency such as drip irrigation and mulch. "Then the development of land management technology to improve crop adaptation, and the development of farm protection system from the failure of climate change or crop weather insurance," he said. Development of irrigation water infrastructure at farming scale by Ministry of Agriculture is done through government assistance pattern and done independently by involving beneficiary farmers. Farmers are involved in the planning, implementation and maintenance of the building infrastructure.

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